New Viridian Weapon Tech HS1 Infrared Hand Stop Laser

    By far the most popular way to aim a rifle in complete darkness is with IR lasers in tandem with a night vision device. IR lasers give you great accuracy potential and a less complicated aiming process when you are equipped with a head-mounted night vision device. Viridian Weapon Technologies has just added the new HS1 infrared hand stop laser to their existing lineup of visible red and green rifle-mounted lasers.

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    Viridian Weapon Tech Adds New HS1 Infrared Hand Stop Laser to Lineup

    New Viridian Weapon Tech HS1 Infrared Hand Stop Laser

    Combining a traditional rail-mounted hand stop and a low-power IR laser, the HS1 Infrared model makes use of a single 1/3n battery that fits neatly within the hand stop without taking up any unnecessary space. The IR laser is activated when you grab the hand stop and depress a small button nested into its front end.

    HS1 IR Specifications

    • LED Light Color: IR
    • Activation: Automatic
    • Adjustments: Windage and Elevation Adjustable
    • Constant on Battery Life: 1.5 Hours
    • Battery Type: 1/3 n
    • Mounting Options:  M-LOK with Picatinny adapters avaialable
    • Range: Up to 100 yards daylight/ 2 miles night
    • Operating Temperature Range: 14°F – 140 °F
    • Warranty Length: 7-Years
    • MSRP: $249.00

    Viridian Weapon Tech Adds New HS1 Infrared Hand Stop Laser to Lineup

    It has been about a year since Viridian first introduced the HS1 Series of hand stop lasers and now there is an IR version available to those who have night vision devices (or maybe those who are looking for an excuse to buy one). For an IR laser, the HS1 is pretty small and compact and also has the unique benefit of being mounted closer to the bore than other types of IR laser options. The HS 1 Infrared Hand Stop Laser is available now through the Viridian Weapon Tech website for $249.00 in either FDE or Black housings.

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