SIONYX Awarded Multi-Year Contract to Provide FBI With Aurora PRO

    SIONYX Awarded Multi-Year Contract to Provide FBI With Aurora PRO

    One of the country’s leading digital night vision device manufactures has landed a pretty big contract with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. SIONYX recently acquired a 5-year long contract to provide FBI agents with the pocket-sized Aurora PRO digital night vision camcorder to allow their agents to capture full-color daylight images in low light conditions. The SIONYX Aurora PRO operates using an extremely light-sensitive sensor in stark contrast to true night vision devices which use image intensifier tubes.

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    SIONYX Awarded Multi-Year Contract to Provide FBI With Aurora PRO

    SIONYX Awarded Multi-Year Contract to Provide FBI With Aurora PRO

    A lot of times agencies will source or request completely original or purpose-built items for their agents and employees to use but in this case, the SIONYX Aurora Pro is an off-the-shelf commercially available item. The small camera is well known for being able to perform in low light conditions and SIONYX claims that they are similar to Gen II analog night vision. Some of the advantages of the Aurora Pro Explorer that the FBI purchased from SIONYX include the ability to use an internal GPS, compass, and accelerometer, wireless streaming to a smart device, and up to 256 GB of onboard storage for pictures and video capturing.

    The contract was awarded via a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) under a 5-year fixed price and according to SIONYX CEO Stephen Saylor, should allow FBI agents to improve the safety of their operations for both agents and the public.

    The applications for the Aurora PRO are vast for law enforcement agencies, Allowing officers to move through the dark in confidence, observe from a secure distance, and perform their duty accurately during operations greatly improves safety for both the public and the officer.

    SIONYX Awarded Multi-Year Contract to Provide FBI With Aurora PRO

    The Aurora PRO Explorer is the best that SIONYX has to offer and the kit includes several accessories and tools to makes the best use out of the digital camcorder.


    • Aurora PRO color night vision camera
    • Hardshell waterproof case
    • 940nm IR Illuminator
    • Illuminator rail mount
    • 2 camera batteries and external battery charger for Aurora
    • 32 GB microSD card
    • Rechargeable batteries and external battery charger for illuminator
    • USB charge/data cable

    No information on the total contract price or how many units are to be purchased has been released as of writing. This contract comes on the heels of a recent DoD procurement wherein SIONYX was awarded a ~$20M contract by the U.S. Army for their IVAS (Integrated Visual Augmentation System) program. What are your thoughts on this option for the FBI? Do you own a SIONYX digital night vision camera and is this a good choice for the duties of an FBI agent?

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