OuterImpact Releases Modular Red Dot Adapter for CZ Shadow 2 Pistols

    OuterImpact® releases Modular Red Dot Adapter (M.R.A.) for CZ Shadow 2 Pistols

    Garden City, Idaho-based company OuterImpact has announced the expansion of their Modular Red Dot Adapter (M.R.A.) line of products to include a mounting plate for the CZ Shadow 2. The plate is made from 7075 aluminum and is hard coat black anodized. It has an MSRP of $54.95.

    OuterImpact @ TFB:

    OuterImpact® releases Modular Red Dot Adapter (M.R.A.) for CZ Shadow 2 Pistols

    Here’s OuterImpact’s announcement of the M.R.A for the CZ Shadow 2:

    OuterImpact® is proud to announce the newest addition to the Modular Red Dot Adapter (M.R.A.) line of products. The OuterImpact® M.R.A. line of adapter plates gives shooters an easy to install option for mounting mini red dot sights onto their CZ Shadow 2 pistols without the need for milling or drilling of the slide. The M.R.A. is made from 7075 Aluminum and features a hard coat black anodize. Most mounting screws are included with the M.R.A. for popular red dot sights.

    The CZ Shadow 2 is an exceptional pistol used by many shooters for competition where a red dot equipped handgun is very popular. This M.R.A. now allows shooters to put a mini red dot sight on the pistol increasing accuracy while not having to permanently modify the pistol with machining.

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    The product page for the M.R.A. adds:

    OuterImpact is excited to introduce the CZ Shadow 2 Pistol Red Dot Adapter Mount – M.R.A.  This product will allow the shooter to utilize a variety of red dot sights on their CZ Shadow 2 with one adapter. We at OuterImpact have gone to great lengths to assure that the fit and finish of this system are top-notch.

    We have been excited about the increased popularity of the Mini Red Dots on pistol platforms. Unfortunately, not all of us are ready or wanting to commit to a “custom-cut” slide. This does not appeal for various reasons. Some of which are: the price of modification, effects on the resale of the firearm, ability to “try” different Red Dots, etc.

    The OuterImpact M.R.A. for the CZ Shadow 2 answers all the above questions. We precision-machined the adapter plate from 7075 aircraft aluminum. Thus, the M.R.A. plate is extremely durable and lightweight.  As you know, there are violent forces that take place when a gun is fired. We know that shooters do not want to “worry” about losing zero, because of an inferior mount. This is why we utilize weaver T-10 Torx screws and steel alignment pins to keep everything aligned and in place.

    OuterImpact® releases Modular Red Dot Adapter (M.R.A.) for CZ Shadow 2 Pistols

    The OuterImpact® M.R.A. is compatible with the following optics:

    Trijicon RMR/ SRO
    Doctor Optic
    Insight MRDS
    Eotech MRDS
    Leupold Delta Point
    Leupold Delta Point Pro
    Vortex Razor
    Vortex Viper
    Vortex Venom
    Burris Fast Fire 2 & 3
    Shield RMS (requires a purchase of these screws)
    Holosun 507c/ 407c V1 (requires 6-40 Screws for Holosun V1)
    Holosun 507c/ 407c V2 (requires 6-40 Screws for Holosun V2)
    UTG Reflex Micro Dot
    TrueGlo Tru-Tec
    Sig Romeo 3
    Sig Romeo 3 Max
    Sig Romeo 3 XL
    Crimson Trace CTS-1250
    Springfield Hex Dragonfly (must also use OEM provided spacer plate)
    Bushnell RXS-100 and 250

    To learn more about the CZ Shadow 2 M.R.A., check out OuterImpact’s website here.

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