POTD: The Heckler & Koch SL8

    H&K SL8 USA

    -“Have a seat…Heckler & Koch USA knows how to run a Facebook account, showing the “new” SL8 rifle sitting on a computer gamer’s chair. In Europe, customers can get the HK243 Semi-Automatic Rifle which is a sporter variant based on the HK G36. In the USA, the HK243 is not available, so instead the SL8 is coming back as the closest thing to an import-legal version of the G36.

    The SL8 comes with a cold hammer forged, recessed crowned and a free-floating bull barrel.

    SL8 Specifications:
    Caliber: .223 Remington
    Length: 38.6”
    Barrel length: 20.8”
    Barrel profile/twist: 6 grooves, RH, 1:7
    Weight (w/o mag): 8.6 lb
    Mag capacity: 10

    If you’re in France, there were some civilian versions of the HK416F – MR223 F-S and MR223 F-C made. I guess they sold out quickly.

    The New Heckler & Koch Futuristic Concept Guns were launched at IWA Germany in 2017. I guess H&K is too busy producing the HK416, but it would be so cool if some of these concepts made it into production.

    The top picture comes from H&K USA’s Facebook.