POTD: Schmeisser 1911 Hugo in⁠ Thunder Bronze⁠ ⁠

    Schmeisser 1911 Hugo

    Photo Of The Day: A collection of photos from Schmeisser GmbH in Krefeld, Germany. The Schmeisser 1911 Hugo is a classic single-stack 1911 pistol, with all the features you can expect from this model. Below you can see some of the variants.

    The 1911 Hugo is priced from €1.690 and comes in 5″ or 6″ configurations. Schmeisser’s 1911 is available in either .45 ACP or 9×19mm, and it can be ordered with adjustable or fixed sights.

    A classic pistol by a classic manufacturer. The combination of the two is a bit untraditional perhaps.

    Caption, translated from Schmeisser’s Homepage:

    The classic single-row 1911 pistol – optimized in the spirit of the inventor. Every single control element has been brought to perfection with the experience of more than a hundred years and millions of shooters. The result is a functionally reliable high-performance weapon with excellent precision.

    You might be interested in the “Schmeisser 1911 – Hugo Schmeisser Birthday Edition“as well.

    How would you like your 1911 Schmeisser? Or would you rather go with an American manufacturer?

    I sure wouldn’t mind a .45 in Thunder Bronze⁠ ⁠and adjustable sights.