Cimarron Firearms Introduces Pair of Lonesome Dove Revolvers

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Cimarron Firearms introduces their new “Lonesome Dove” Colt Walker tribute revolvers.

In the pantheon of stories about the Wild West, “ Lonesome Dove” is often hailed as one of the best. Writer Larry McMurtry’s seminal novel was published in 1985, and earned the following year’s Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. A few years later, the book was adapted for a television miniseries screenplay starring dual leads Robert Duvall as Captain Augustus McCrae and Tommy Lee Jones as Captain Woodrow F. Call, two gun-slinging old Texas Rangers turned ranchers. The series enjoyed overwhelmingly positive reception and significant acclaim, as many critics have credited it with reviving the once-dead Western film genre. The series was nominated for eighteen Emmys in 1989, of which it won seven. As you’d expect for the category, the show featured many classic firearms like revolvers and lever-action rifles, of the style that Cimarron Firearms specializes in today.

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The "Lonesome Dove" Colt Walkers feature 9 barrels and carry an MSRP of $739.70 apiece.

In addition to Henry/Remington lever guns and some other firearms, the duo of former Rangers rely heavily on Colt Walker revolvers in numerous gun battles through the series, especially McCrae. Call is also seen favoring an 1860 Army in the on-screen version. The Old West gun connoisseurs at Cimarron Firearms have chosen to honor McMurtry’s renowned tale with a pair of .44 Walkers paying homage to the characters of Call and McCrae. These replicas are intended to be period-correct for Texas Ranger issued sidearms, and Cimarron’s new brace of Lonesome Dove wheelguns are embellished accordingly. See the company’s website and the press release below for details.

A closer look at the two leading characters' names engraved on their respective pistols' backstraps.

Yesterday’s Gone, and We Can’t Get It Back.”

What are words of wisdom from Augustus McCrae, former Texas Ranger and one of Larry McMurtry’s famous characters’ from his Pulitzer Prize winning novel, “Lonesome Dove,” are inspiration for Cimarron Firearms’ new pair of Lonesome Dove Walker .44 revolvers.

Fredericksburg, Texas (August 2021) – Cimarron Firearms, recognized as the leader in quality and authenticity in Old West replica firearms, proudly introduces the Lonesome Dove Walker revolvers in .44, honoring the best-selling, Pulitzer Prize winning novel about the end of the Old West from author Larry McMurty. The Lonesome Dove tetralogy, set in the final glory years of the American frontier introduced the American public to two iconic Texans, Capt. Augustus McCrae and Capt. Woodrow F. Call, both retired Texas Rangers living out their golden years in a small dust bowl of a border town called Lonesome Dove. Running a boarding stable, the Hat Creek Company and Livery Emporium, the pair decide to take one last great adventure that pits them against outlaws and heroes, ladies and ladies of the night, Indians and settlers while driving cattle from Texas to the Montana Territory.

The Walker .44 was the authentic standard-issue Texas Ranger pistol. Cimarron Firearms has designed and embellished the Lonesome Dove replicas with great attention to detail. The Lonesome Dove Walker .44 features a 9-inch barrel in a charcoal blue finish, a white engraved cylinder, and case-color hardened finish on the frame and hammer. The trigger guard and grip frame are in brass, with a steel backstrap, and finely figured walnut grips sporting a cartouche. The guns are authentically marked, one with “Capt. Augustus McCrae, Texas Rangers Frontier Battalion” down the backstrap and his Texas Ranger Division “E Company No. 120” on the left side of the frame and barrel, and the other with “Capt. Woodrow F. Call, Texas Rangers Frontier Battalion” and “E Company No. 119.” MSRP is $739.70.

“Larry McMurty, a born and bred Texan, wrote some of the most thought provoking and award-winning books and screenplays, all with Texas as the back drop. His series, ‘Lonesome Dove,’ set in the waning days of the Old West, paid tribute to the strength of the men and women that made the West their home,” Mike Harvey, founder and CEO of Cimarron Firearms said. “And since it is our mission to create seriously authentic replicas, I decided to honor this novel with the actual types of guns a Texas Ranger would have been issued, and not necessarily what Hollywood could dig up in their stock room. Hence, our homage to the Lonesome Dove story is also an homage to the Texas Rangers, who carried the powerful Walker .44 revolver.”

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    Woodrow had an 1860, should do one of each. “uva uvam vivendo varia fit” would be a cuter quote because they were grapes who ripened together :3

  • Mike Mike on Aug 20, 2021

    How about we move reproduction guns forward a bit. to WW1 and reproduce the Webley MKVI