TFB Review: SIG Sauer's New P365X Pistol

Matt E
by Matt E
TFB Review: SIG Sauer’s New P365X Pistol

Over the last few months, I have had the opportunity to carry SIG’s new P365X pistol and put a decent amount of rounds through it. SIG has been trying to make a number of variants of the P365 line which I wrote about earlier this year. This P365X is a newer variant of the lineup with a couple new features. Let’s take a deeper dive into SIG Sauer P365X and how it performs.

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The new P365X is a collaboration of pervious models with a new twist on the optics cut. Call it the greatest hits version of the P365 lineup mixing up the original short slide length with the longer grip from the XL series. SIG decided to incorporate an optics cut on the slide of a regular P365 slide which hasn’t been done from SIG on a factory firearm. In addition to the optics cut, SIG also included the flat-faced trigger from the P365XL to the new X variant as a factory upgrade. All these upgrades are compatible with other models and frames which means you can make a regular optics-ready P365 if you want a super small package.

The height of the Romeo Zero optic really helps new shooters and people getting into red dots on their pistols because its lower than other options on the market today. The XL style frame on the P365 means it has a capacity of 12 rounds as standard with a 15 round extended magazine available as well. Combine that with the flat-faced trigger and the larger XL frame, and you have a very comfortable firearm that offers a good amount of options for its size and price. MSRP for the P365X is $829.99 and is available in stores now.

Range Use

So far, I have roughly just under a thousand rounds of ammo through this little carry gun. To test out, I used a mixed bag of Federal American Eagle 115gr as well as some of the SIG Sauer 115gr ammo. Between the two, I had roughly 950 rounds through the gun without stoppages or any issues at all. The larger XL grip on the P365X fits my hand much better than the standard P365. This is more of a personal preference but since I picked up this P365X and the XL variant, I haven’t really carried the smaller variants. The straight trigger is a great addition as well. The trigger has a defined wall with a crisp break as well as an audible reset.

Compared to other micro sized carry guns, I think this set up is a solid choice for individuals who have larger hands but still want a small handgun they can carry on a daily basis. Another thing that I appreciate is the X-Ray sights as well as the Romeo Zero optic. Having the ability to use the X-Ray sights if the battery dies on the Romeo Zero is a big plus in my book.

The front sight is a bright green with a tritium insert so its always available but doesn’t make the sight picture busy like some suppressor height sights do. SIG did a great job making the Romeo Zero low profile so it doesn’t seem cumbersome on the P365X. It’s incredibly easy to pick up the red dot when pulling up the handgun on target so theres no need to move your wrist around searching for the red dot.

Concealed Carry Time

Earlier in the summer, I was traveling all around he country from the Carolinas to Missouri where the heat and humidity are a real consideration when looking at a carry gun. I took the P365X on the majority of my travels because it was just the most comfortable option for me. Between the larger grip and standard size barrel, this set up with a red dot is exactly what I was looking for in a small carry gun. The standard P365 is a great option still, but for those of you who don’t like the standard P365 for its short grip, I highly suggest you check out the new P365X.

If you don’t need the larger 12 round grip, its always possible to switch out the XL frame for a standard 10 round frame. It still gives you the ability to have an optics cut on your P365 which aren’t sold as standard yet. Regardless of what frame and slide set up you prefer, I still think this is one of the most comfortable and shootable small carry guns on the market today.

Overall Thoughts

I have carried a number of different firearms and out of everything, I think the new P365X from SIG really does offer a great value for money. Some of you may argue that it’s rather expensive for a micro carry gun, but keep in mind this not only comes with an optics cut as standard but also comes with a red dot as well. Combine the value with how easy it is to shoot, and I think SIG truly has a winner on its hands.

Check Prices on SIG Sauer P365X Pistols

Does the P365X fill a spot on the market or is it competing with its big brother, the XL, for a spot at the table? I’d love to hear your thoughts so don’t hesitate to let me know. If you have questions about carrying concealed or just firearms in general don’t hesitate to shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there.

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Matt E
Matt E

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  • David David on Aug 13, 2021

    If you buy the 365X with the RomeoZero, does it come with the slide cover for if you ever want to remove the optic?

    • See 1 previous
    • American_Masculinist American_Masculinist on Aug 14, 2021

      @ScubaSteveVa Shield sights has been around much longer than HS, and Shield is UK sourced and made, unlike the 100 percent chicom HS.

      Shield originated the mini optic, and the footprint/mount that HS and Sig copied.

      The "Shield RMSC glass edition" is the cats meow for direct fitment on a p365, Hellcat, g43x, g48.

  • Evi1joe Evi1joe on Aug 14, 2021

    I'm just not a fan of having no rear sight. For one, many red dots don't have a built in rear, and those that do may require a different height front sight. I milled my 365 slide for an optic, and bought an XL frame, which is the best of both worlds.
    The XL slide does shoot a LOT softer than the 365 (by that I mean disproportionally softer--maybe 10% larger, but it shoots 25-30% softer).

    • LowSpeedHighDrag LowSpeedHighDrag on Aug 14, 2021

      @evi1joe The Romeo zero and the holosun k series have a rear sight integrated into the optic body.