POTD: High North Indoctrination Course

    High North Indoctrination Course

    Photo Of The Day: An unknown soldier overlooking a beatutiful scenery somewhere in northern Sweden, most likely above the Arctic Circle. He’s participating in the High North Indoctrination Course.

    The purpose of the “High North Indoctrination Course” is to give allied armies an understanding of what it’s like to conduct military operations in a sub-arctic environment. Even during summertime, there are special challenges. Mosquitos, for instance. Keeping dry is another one.

    Phase one of the course focused on LFX (Live-fire exercise), mobility and survival. The students have now started phase two: Special Reconnaissance. We’re looking forward to seeing those pictures as well.

    The soldiers were from the USA, Germany and The Netherlands. Below you can note the camouflage on the rifle to blend in better.

    Below: U.S. Soldiers

    Please check back tomorrow for another Photo Of The Day on another interesting subject.

    Photo source: Försvarsmaktens vinterenhet (Swedish Armed Forces РWinter Unit).