NEW Red Dot Ready Fits for Galco Speed Master 2.0

    NEW Red Dot Ready Fits for Galco Speed Master 2.0

    It’s always cool to see the old mixed with the new. A 1911 in a leather holster doesn’t scream modern but the addition of a red dot optic changes that. With more people utilizing pistol-mounted dots on their daily carry guns, holster makers are delivering options that can accommodate them. Galco Holsters is one of those companies and they’ve just added new models to the Speed Master 2.0 line. The holsters are now available for 1911s with or without a red dot.

    Galco News @ TFB:

    Master 2.0

    Galco’s Speed Master 2.0™  is a great choice for anyone searching for a versatile and practical EDC holster. Now available for 4″ – 4 1/4″ 1911s with or without red dot sights!

    Red Dot Ready Galco Speed Master 2.0

    Master 2.0

    The Speed Master 2.0 uses an open-top design for easy access. Retention is adjustable by tightening or loosening a tension screw. It can be worn as a paddle holster, making it simple to take on and off. IT can also be worn using belt loops, making the platform even more stable. You can get the holster in black or tan, and for pistols that have a red dot mounted or not. The Speed Master 2.0 now accommodates both 4″ and 4 1/4″ 1911s.

    Master 2.0


    • Material: Steerhide leather
    • Attachment: Belt or paddle
    • Belt size: Up to 1.75″
    • MSRP: $89.00

    Master 2.0

    Galco Holsters offers leather and Kydex holster options for most guns out there. If you’re in the market, head over to their website to see what they’ve got for you. For more information and some cool gun pictures, make sure you follow them on social media, as well. Galco can be found on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Remember to carry often, pay attention, and stay safe.

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