NITECORE Introduces the P10iX Xtreme Performance Compact Flashlight

Luke C.
by Luke C.

There are a lot of currently available and established items out there in the weapon light department and as much as I like to stick with what I know, I also like to try new things when they show promise. NITECORE has just introduced their i-Generation P10iX Xtreme Performance 21700 Ultra-Compact Flashlight which promises 4,000 lumens of light output and a maximum throw of 150m with a peak beam intensity of 6,250 candelas.

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NITECORE Introduces the P10iX Xtreme Performance Compact Flashlight

NITECORE Introduces the P10iX Xtreme Performance Compact Flashlight

P10iX Specifications:

  • Max Output: 4000 Lumens
  • Max Beam Distance: 158 m
  • Max Beam Intensity: 6250 cd
  • Max Runtime: 350 h 0 m / 14.58 d
  • LED: 4 x CREE XP-L2 V6
  • Battery: 1 × 21700i, 2 × CR123, 2 × RCR123
  • Special Modes: Strobe
  • Beam color: White light
  • Length: 137.2 mm / 5.40 in
  • Head Size: 25.4 mm / 1.00 in
  • Weight: 79.5 g / 2.80 oz
  • Features: STROBE READY, Rechargeable
  • Activity Gear, Law Enforcement, Military

The P10iX features a 21700 I series battery but is also compatible with C123 and RCR123 batteries. The USB-C charging port is available with a reversible plug-in and also features a charging port cover that provides water, impact, and dust resistance. The proprietary I Series 21700 rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery features dual way output with both positive and negative polarities at both ends and a high energy density making it efficient as it minimizes loss of power due to internal resistance.

NITECORE Introduces the P10iX Xtreme Performance Compact Flashlight

Aside from the battery, the P10iX also features some pretty unique mode features as well. The strobe function can be activated regardless of what state the light is in and it also features a randomly changing strobe mode which is said by NITECORE to induce stranger dizzying effects to do the inability of your eye to adapt to the constantly changing strobe pattern. As an added bonus, if you purchase a P10iX you will also be sent an exclusive light holster that is compatible with belts in sizes ranging from 1-1/4″ up to 2-1/4″. If you’d like to pick up one of the new P10iX Xtreme Performance Compact Flashlights they are currently available for pre-order for $99.95 from the NITECORE store.

NITECORE Introduces the P10iX Xtreme Performance Compact Flashlight

Included in the Box:

  • P10iX
  • NL2150HPi 5000mAh battery
  • NTH10 tactical holster
  • CR123 battery magazine
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Lanyard
  • Clip
  • Spare O-ring
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  • American_Masculinist American_Masculinist on Aug 11, 2021

    Nyt3C0re is another Chy-nuh owned and controlled company like HS and 0Lyte. EFF chy-nuh for their theft of "financial and personal info" of over a hundred million Americans, for Chy-nuh's slave labor, predatory trade practices, Wuhan flu, etcetera.

    There are at least eight American companies making high quality lights here in America.

  • JJJingleheimerSchmidt JJJingleheimerSchmidt on Aug 11, 2021

    I'd get one but I'd probably put my one good eye out in a self inflicted flashlight ND.