POTD: The MAC-11 at Poulin’s Antiques and Auctions


    Today we have two pictures from Poulin’s Antiques and Auctions and their auction held in May of 2021. Some auctions contain a lot of objects that may not be of your highest interest, but here and there you’ll find some exceptional items like these Ingram MAC-11, Military Armament Corporation Model 11. These seem to be chambered in the 9x19mm, but .380 ACP was also available.

    With a price around $4,000, these are still fairly obtainable, but still quite much more compared to the manufacturing price. They would be a nice addition to most collections I suppose.

    ITEM 1 & 2 (LOTS 1005 & 1006). Consecutively numbered, new in box M11/NINE submachine guns.
    Cal. 9mm. S# 86-0006988 & 86-0006989. Bbl. 5.5″. The younger brother of the infamous MAC-10 may not have moved out of its shadow as far as Hollywood movies & urban legend is concerned, but as far as becoming a commonly owned civilian SMG, it may actually have taken the top spot. From its introduction to the legislative imposed cutoff of 05-19-1986 the M-11 was a popular & affordable entry level SMG. Its low price was only rivaled by its reliability & these little bullet hoses continue to perform just as well several decades later. This particular example mfg. by SWD of Atlanta GA was mfg. during the final year. The company name was an acronym for Silvia Williams Daniel, the prior spouse of Wayne Daniel who owned the manufacturing rights to the Ingram Model 11 as well as the popular Cobray trademark. Finish on exposed metal surfaces is dark & parkerized. The protected post fixed front sight & single aperture rear sight were sufficient for the extremely fast cyclic rate & aided by a top folding telescoping wire stock. Factory threaded bbl. Left side selector switch. Right side safety parallel to trigger guard. The familiar Cobray snake logo appears on the right rear of the lower receiver. Open bolt select fire action. MAGS: 1-30 rd. Zytel Cobray factory. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: factory cardboard shipping box w/ fitted Styrofoam insert; 1 Cobray mag. loading tool & factory cleaning rod.
    CONDITION: finish on exterior metal surfaces enjoys complete coverage w/ only light scratches which are common when storing these in multiple. Gun is devoid of finish thinning even in areas of mechanical intervention indicating that it has been used very little beyond test firing if at all. Bore is shiny w/ strong rifling. Fire control mechanism appears to function correctly when cycled by hand. $3,500-4,500.
    You can check Wikipedia for more information here.
    Pictures and quoted description from Poulin’s Antiques and Auctions. Check them out for more interesting objects.