A Quick Rundown of Barrel Harmonics and the Power of Barrel Tuners

    A Quick Rundown of Barrel Harmonics and the Power of Barrel Tuners

    I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with or at least heard of a concept called Barrel Harmonics. In short, barrel harmonics (or barrel whip) has to do with the tendency for the vibrations that a barrel experiences during each shot taken with the rifle. Barrel oscillations occur very quickly, far outpacing the speed of the bullet traveling down the barrel which means that it is very unlikely that your bullet is exiting the barrel at a neutral position. Recently, our friend Sebastian U. from Austria (Designer of the 11/22 Open Top Receiver) has been putting a lot of time and research into the concept of Barrel Tuners which are designed to counteract this effect and reduce the variance between the “troughs” and “crests” of the barrels oscillation in order to increase accuracy. He’s posted a video of his findings which give a very simple and concise overview of the concept which I found to be very helpful so I thought I would share it all with you here.

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    A Quick Rundown of Barrel Harmonics and the Power of Barrel Tuners

    Barrel tuners are quite popular with shooters who prefer to use a wide variety of ammunition versus finding a specific lot of ammunition that works well with a specific barrel and then buying a ton of it. Barrel tuners can be dialed to each type of ammunition although the disadvantage here is that it takes some time to get them dialed in. Sebastian was able to show significant increases in accuracy with his Ruger 10/22 rifle using just the barrel tuner and I think that his own version of his tuner shows promise.

    I hope that the video was able to bring a couple of you up to speed on the concept of barrel tuners as well as barrel harmonics. Although it was always a familiar concept in the back of my head, I really only had a cursory understanding of the concept. Now I feel much more informed on the concept and I hope some of you feel the same. Thanks as always to our friend Sebastian U for sharing the video!

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