New CAA MCK Chassis for Taurus Pistols

Rusty S.
by Rusty S.
Taurus MCK ChassisImage Credit: CAA

If any Taurus owners have money to spare, CAA now offers the MCK Micro Chassis for Taurus G2c, G3, and G3c pistols. The CAA MCK Micro chassis offers a large-format pistol form factor with brace functionality, along with storage for an extra magazine and flashlight compatibility. Initially offered for Glock pistols in the mid-2010s, the MCK chassis has evolved in generations, as well as expanded compatibility to a few different families of pistols.

Pompano Beach, Fla. (July 2021) – CAA USA, designers and developers of the world-famous MCK/Micro Conversion Kit, have reached a new benchmark for available MCKhandgun models. The original Micro Conversion Kit, developed for the popular GLOCK pistols, quickly put the CAA USA design team to work delivering other models for a demanding customer base. The MCK quickly and easily turns any pistol into a more accurate, and super fun, shooting platform.
“We do our research in-house to determine potential new models, but in all honesty, it’s our public, through our active social media sites, that lets us know what pistol is high on their ‘need to have MCK’ list,” LTC. (Ret.) Mikey Hartman, CEO of CAA USA, said. “When one of the major firearms companies hits a home run on a new pistol, like the SIG 365 or the Springfield Hellcat, you can be sure we will have numerous vocal fans asking for an MCKversion.”
Hartman offers an example of how CAA USA’s customers help determine the next new model. Pre-orders for the Taurus G2 and G3 MCK recently opened on CAA USA’s website to an extremely high volume of orders. The new models include Taurus G2c, G3, and G3c with optic-ready T.O.R.O., as well as the PT111 Models. “We had two other projects up next, but the demand for a Taurus G2 and G3 MCK were so significant that we changed our production schedule to accommodate our customers’ wants.”
Taurus MCK Chassis. Image Credit: CAA

If you own a Taurus semiautomatic and want to try out the feel of a large-format pistol without purchasing entirely another handgun, the Micro Conversion Kit might be worth a try. Pre-orders for the new platform can be placed here:

Rusty S.
Rusty S.

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