MDT Announces 10-Round .223 Metal AICS Magazine

    MDT Announces 10-Round .223 Metal AICS Magazine

    US and Canada-based Modular Driven Technologies or MDT have announced a new 10 round metal magazine for the short action Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS) which they describe as “nearly indestructible”. MSRP on the new AICS magazine is $67.95.

    MDT @ TFB:

    MDT Announces 10-Round .223 Metal AICS Magazine

    Here’s what MDT have to say about the new ACIS Metal Short Action Magazines for. 223 rifles:

    MDT Announces their New 10 Round .223 Metal AICS Magazine

    MDT is excited to announce the addition of the 10 Round .223 Metal AICS Magazine to their lineup of nearly indestructible metal mags.

    MDT AICS-pattern Metal Magazines are manufactured from high-strength steel, nitride-finished, and coated with Cerakote Elite for ultimate durability and performance.

    These magazines are designed with a unique Double Stack to Single Feed (DSSF) transition design for reduced overall height compared to the industry standard. Available for Short and Long action calibers.

    MDT Metal Short Action Magazines are available for: .223, .308, .300WSM, 6.5PRC, and 6BR families of cartridges, while the Long Action version is available for .300WM, .338LM and 300PRC.

    For more information, or to purchase your see:

    Specs for the MDT. 223 AICS 10-Round Magazines:

    • 3.055” Outside Length
    • 3.90″ Rear Height (same height as MDT 10-rd .308 metal magazines)
    • 2.50” max cartridge overall length (COAL)
    • Polymer feedlip inserts extend ~0.5″ past the end of the metal feedlip backer, thus retaining the round longer, helping ensure the tip of the round has entered the chamber before the rear of the round is released.

    Are you in the market for new magazines for your short action Accuracy International Chassis System rifle? Do you own any of MDT’s AICS magazines? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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