Unusual Custom SIG Sauer P365XL, Including An Icarus Precision Frame

    Customizing carry guns can be a debatable topic, but the market is filled with all sorts of options for those who want to mix and match to find what works, for those that want to veer from a stock carry gun. Redditor, AlaskanMooCow, ended up with a rare combination for his SIG Sauer P365XL and an Icarus Precision metal frame. AlaskanMooCow took a round-about way to get here though, which he explains below. For those who aren’t as familiar with the SIG P365 family, I’ve added links into Alaskan’s description in case it’s easier to follow along.

    SIG P365 @ TFB

    Sig P365XL FCU and slide. Icarus Precision P365XL Pro aluminum lower, chopped to match the 10-round magazine form factor. PL Mini Valkyrie (original, not the second one. I like how this one matches the lines of the pistol and doesn’t hang down too low). Holosun 507K Red dot. 24K Gold plated extractor, just because I could. ($80 metal plating kit off Amazon, nothing fancy.)

    Also, a note on why you will probably NEVER see a lower like this in production (aluminum or polymer). It requires too much additional buy-in for a customer. Either a P365XL owner has to buy the lower AND additional 10-round magazines, or a vanilla P365 owner has to buy an XL slide. Both are not insignificant investments and they’re a hard pill to swallow. I took the long way around and bought a P365 SAS, hated the sights so I bought a P365XL, swapped FCU’s and slides and sold the SAS model as an SAS XL, kept the 10-round mags and made this. Most people are NOT going to go through that much trouble for something like this, thus why companies will most likely never produce a lower in this style (short magazines, XL length rail).

    Icarus Precision SIG P365 frames

    The Icarus Precision Aluminum Frames for the P365 can be found HERE, the XL version that Alaskan bought is listed at $249.99, or you can see what other products they offer on their main website HERE. Thanks to AlaskanMooCow for sharing his project with TFB, his original thread on Reddit can be seen HERE along with the Q&A. What do you think about his conversion?

    Doug E

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