Catalyst Arms Introduces New Bag Rider for Ruger Precision Rimfire

    Catalyst Arms Introduces New Bag Rider for Ruger Precision Rimfire

    Sometimes when you’re at the range, hunkered down with supporting bags for a precision shot, the rifle slips off the bag and you just can’t get a comfortable, stable position. Oregon-based Catalyst Arms, a company that specialises in rimfire accessories, has introduced the Apex Bag Rider, an extension for the Ruger Precision Rimfire’s buttstock. The Bag Rider is basically an extension that provides more surface area to contact the supporting bag. They have similar Bag Riders for the earlier Ruger Precision Rimfire buttstock and the Magpul PRS. MSRP is $49.95.

    Ruger Precision Rimfire @ TFB:

    Catalyst Arms Introduces New Bag Rider for Ruger Precision Rimfire

    Here’s what Catalyst Arms have to say about the new Bag Rider:

    Catalyst Arms, LLC, a firearms accessory company, has introduced the Apex Bag Rider for the butt stock of the Ruger Precision Rimfire. The Apex Bag Rider dramatically improves the functionality and stability of the butt stock when using a rear support bag.

    To help get on target the Apex Bag Rider’s angled shape allows for generous amount of rapid elevation adjustment. Simply slide your rear support bag fore or aft to raise or lower the butt stock. This lets the stock rest on the bag rather than relying on uneven grip pressure to maintain the desired shooting position.

    Designed specifically for the Ruger Precision Rimfire, this Apex perfectly matches the lines of the butt stock. It literally only takes a few seconds to install by sliding over the factory bottom Picatinny rail and is secured with a single screw without any modification or disassembly of the rifle.

    The new Catalyst Arms Apex Bag Rider is now available, is made from Nylon 11 in matte black and has an MSRP of $49.95. For information on the Apex bag rider and other RPR performance upgrades go tow

    Catalyst Arms Introduces New Bag Rider for Ruger Precision Rimfire

    Have you found shooting from a supporting bag with a Ruger Precision Rimfire tricky? Do you think the Bag Rider could be the answer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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