POTD: PGM Precision Sniper Rifle with RIMaP-NC Plum


    Photo Of The Day – Established in 2014 this is TFB’s way to show various photographs on a daily basis. As a bonus you get a short story and hopefully, you’ll learn something new. Today we visit New Caledonia. The machine-translated caption from RIMaP-NC Plum reads: 

    The RIMaP-NC COMMOTO carried out Exercise Garigliano in the area of the battlefield plain and the pirogue river. After infiltration by air and sea, then set up by sea, the unit carried out an axis reconnaissance mission, area control, raids and operational searches. This exercise will have made it possible to assess the company’s developments in the field of foot combat, as part of an offensive maneuver. 92nd infantry regiment Marine troops FANC Armed forces of New Caledonia Army 13th engineer regiment 12th cuirassier regiment

    The FN Minimi in action below.
    Soldiers who got their Heckler & Koch HK416 already, here with the yellow training devices.
    Sweeping for mines with a FAMAS on the chest.

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    You can find PGM’s sniper rifles here.