TFB Review: The Apogee Belt From Boxer Tactical

Nic L
by Nic L

Everyone who carries has a different experience. However, one experience that we all share is the seemingly neverending search for the best belt and hoster. That perfect holster means nothing if you don’t have the perfect belt to hold it up. Belts have a surprising number of boxes they need to check. Before I started carrying, I thought all that mattered was that they held your pants up. Gun belts can be thick, heavy, stiff, tall, and can begin to droop regardless of which of those qualities it maintained. Fortunately, gun belt technology has been advancing at the same rate as holsters. We’ve seen a shift from leather to nylon, and now to some pretty cool polymer materials. Innovation doesn’t stop at materials. As you’re about to see, there is more than one way to close a belt. This is the Apogee Belt from Boxer Tactical.

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The Apogee Belt From Boxer Tactical

The Apogee Belt is Boxer Tactical’s answer to the problems I mentioned a second ago. The buckle is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and the belt is coated-polyester webbing. The belt is very thin, which cuts down most of the bulk of a gun belt. The belt arrived as a kit with some assembly required. Though assembly is incredibly simple, I still recommend you watch the quick how-to video. I’ve linked to it at the end of this review. Size it, clamp it down, and you’re ready to roll.

The belt closes using a wide-teeth locking system. The buckle ratchets into the teeth, almost like putting on a giant cable tie. Only this time, it’s not holding together various parts of your Jeep because you refuse to go to a mechanic.

The Pros

This belt has a lot going for it. I’ve been using it every day for the past four months. I’ve used it both with and without a gun, several holsters, and a few different kinds of pants. Almost everything about it was spot on (we’ll get into what didn’t work later). If you’re looking for a sturdy, low-profile carry belt, keep reading. This could be the one for you.


This thing is thin. It’s literally thinner than a frozen Eggo pancake. Looking at the thickness of the belt, you’d probably assume it isn’t very stable. You would be wrong. Due to the thinness of the belt, it’s very malleable and doesn’t feel stiff. However, because of the material and construction, it can hold up a decent amount of weight before buckling.


If you’ve ever used a cable tie, you’ve used this belt. It’s incredibly easy to use. Simply run the tail through the buckle and listen to the joyous clicks that let you know your pants aren’t going anywhere. To release the belt, just lift the lever on the buckle and pull the tail through.


The Apogee Belt comes with 50 inches of webbing, allowing it to work with all sizes 46 inches or less. This does a few things for us. The most obvious is that basically anyone with belt loops can wear this belt and feel secure. Another bonus is the ability to leave an extra tail if you have a lot of space between belt loops. Also, if you’re a weightlifter or a Cheeto-eater, you can size the belt according to your current size. If you end up changing sizes again, you don’t have to buy a whole new belt and buckle. Just order the belt part for less than half the price of the whole package. Several color options are also available. You can have multiple belts with the same buckle, avoiding the need for a belt section in your closet. Due to the adjustability of the belt, my wife can wear mine if she ever wanted to.

The Cons

I had to work pretty hard to find cons for this review. I had to actually set aside time to notice things that I didn’t like. These are cons specific to my lifestyle. I’m not exactly a “normal” guy, so your mileage may vary.


I travel a lot for my day job. I speak in hotel conference rooms all across Colorado. One thing that I often find myself doing before speaking at a class is heading to the bathroom. I don’t always want to put my briefcase on the nasty bathroom floor, so I hold it in one hand and undo my belt and pants with the other. One-handed manipulation of my belt is important to me. This belt makes it a bit more difficult. Putting the Apogee Belt on with one hand is simple, but I find that I more often need it to open quickly, rather than close quickly. Thanks, Taco Bell.


How a belt looks can be important depending on how you dress. I have a problem where I like to look good but I’m also very lazy. I love the idea of having a belt that can pass as casual or dressy. While the Apogee is slick and modern, it stands out a bit when worn with dressier clothing. I don’t think the belt is unattractive. It just falls short for certain occasions. This could also be highly dependent on the colors you choose, so try a few out!


This is a solid piece of gear that will serve you for many years. If you’ve been looking for a new belt, give the Apogee Belt a look. If you want to see all of your options, make sure you head to Boxer Tactical’s website. You can follow along with all of their new gear on Twitter, and YouTube. Remember to carry often and stay safe!

Nic L
Nic L

Stemming from his childhood love of WWII history, Nic's passion for firearms continues to grow as his maturity level recedes. He has competed in local USPSA, IDPA, and rifle competitions, and has an almost unnatural affection for Rosie, his Gen3 Glock 19. @the_brutal_rooster

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    What is the distance between clicks? I'm sure it's always a hair too tight or loose.

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    Why does that belt make his jeans fit different when he pulls his shirt up?