NEW Springfield Armory 1911 Emissary 45 Auto: Fresh Cuts, Custom Look

    1911 emissary

    When it comes to 1911s, most of us tend to believe that we have seen it all, but once in a while, we can be refreshingly surprised by something new and unique. That definitely holds true with Springfield Armory’s newest offering in the 1911 Emissary. Springfield Armory has unveiled their new 1911 Emissary chambered in .45 Auto that has Custom Shop quality features and looks with an attainable price-point.

    Springfield Armory @ TFB:

    For most shooters, three components of the new 1911 Emissary will immediately jump out at them: the slide, trigger guard, and grips. The slide is a Custom Milled tri-top with lightening cuts and 40 LPI (Line Per Inch) serrations on the top strap for light diffusion and glare reduction in bright light. The trigger guard is uniquely squared off to be more conducive to gloved shooting. Finally, the grenade-patterned checkering on the front strap, rear mainspring housing, and side panel grips offer a one-of-a-kind look with improved dexterity.

    • CALIBER: .45 ACP
    • BARREL: 5″ Forged Stainless Steel, Match Grade, Bull, 1:16
    • SLIDE: Forged Carbon Steel, Blued
    • FRAME: Forged Stainless Steel
    • SIGHTS: Tritium/Luminescent Front, Tactical Rack U-Notch Rear
    • RECOIL SYSTEM: One Piece Full Length Guide Rod
    • GRIPS: VZ Grips® Thin-Line G10
    • MAGAZINES: (2) 8-Round
    • WEIGHT: 40 oz
    • LENGTH: 8.4″
    • HEIGHT: 5.25″

    1911 emissary

    The initial MSRP for the Springfield Armory 1911 Emissary is benchmarked at $1,279. As always, in the rare event that you should ever need service for your firearm, Springfield Armory has a Lifetime Warranty that stands behind all of their firearms. One final snapshot into what the 1911 Emissary is all about can be read below in Springfield Armory’s press release statement:

    Tasked with a special mission, the Emissary bridges defensive and custom pistols delivering a bold and capable addition to the Springfield Armory family of 1911’s.

    Built on a durable foundation of forged steel in its barrel, slide and frame, the Emissary offers a defensive pistol with an air of custom refinement. The pistol has a beautiful two-tone finish, with a blued carbon steel slide and a stainless-steel frame with squared trigger guard. A “Tri-Top” cut to the slide gives the pistol custom-grade styling, while a heavy-profile bull barrel delivers maximum accuracy and reduces felt recoil.

    The Emissary blends form and function seamlessly in a defensive-minded firearm loaded with custom-grade features.

    Mil-Spec 1911 models are neat for their nostalgia and the super high-end models that are $3K+ are fun to shoot (if you didn’t have to foot the bill for them). This roughly $1,000 price-point is a nice position of quality, looks, and attainability for many shooters with the new 1911 Emissary bringing some fresh ideas to a time-tested design. All that remains is what do you think? Is this something you would add to your collection? As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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