Primary Arms Expand With New Facility

    Primary Arms Expand With New Facility

    Texas-based Primary Arms have announced they’ve expanded with a new facility next to their Houston headquarters. The expansion doubles their warehouse facilities. At the same time, they have announced that Max Cowsert will become their Chief Merchandising Officer.

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    Check out the Primary Arms announcement below:

    HOUSTON, TEXAS – Following a year of record growth, Primary Arms is expanding with brand new facilities and expanded executive leadership.

    Located alongside Primary Arms’ Houston-based headquarters, the new facility will house Primary Arms Optics and provide additional warehousing for product category expansion. The move will more than double Primary Arms’ available square footage, opening new opportunities across their optics, retail, and government business units. Already, Primary Arms offers a selection of over 13,000 popular tactical products. Using their new space, Primary Arms can rapidly expand their selection, offering a wider arrangement for firearms, gear, apparel, hunting, outdoors, and more.

    Following with this milestone, Primary Arms announced an expansion of its executive leadership, leading with the appointment of Max Cowsert into the new position of Chief Merchandising Officer. Max joined Primary Arms in 2013 and has been instrumental in the continued growth of the company.

    “Max has been involved in every aspect of the Company and has shouldered much of the weight during the Company’s explosive growth and expansion,” says Marshall Lerner, Primary Arms’ Founder and CEO. “Our success has been driven by a merchandise strategy that is focused on a product assortment to match our customer’s needs, and a commitment to customer service—two things that often get lost as a company grows. Max has been tasked with not only maintaining but taking these critical areas to the next level.”

    With Max leading Primary Arms’ merchandising operations, Primary Arms will soon seek candidates for the Chief Operating Officer position. As the company continues its rapid growth, the COO’s strategic leadership will be foundational to maintaining the company’s pace and high service level.

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