POTD: German Special Forces with the Heckler & Koch G95


    Photo Of The Day and we take a look at the German Special Forces KSK hostage rescue training in the exercise “Black Star”. If you look closely, there is quite a lot of content with the HK416 A7, which is called the G95. As a part of the national risk and crisis management, the Special Forces Command has the permanent task of keeping forces available for operations to liberate German citizens abroad.

    Below: Planning the mission carefully.

    In these operations, the hostage’s safety is a top priority. The focus here is primarily on the interaction of all the necessary actors, such as the NH90 multi-purpose helicopter, the A400 M aircraft, paratroopers, paramedics and reconnaissance personnel.
    Below: Some of the gear used, including night vision.

    Below is a video that explains the G95 HK416 in detail.

    The KSK (Special Forces Command) uses the G95 assault rifle. The G95 is produced by Heckler & Koch and is also known under the name HK416. In the video, a soldier from the KSK explains the components of the G95 and the advantages over the previous G36.

    This rare Heckler & Koch G95K with HK269 Grenade Launcher might also interest you?

    Sources: Captions by “Frank”. Photos by the German Bundeswehr – KSK and Die Bundeswehr in Baden-Württemberg.