TFB Podcast Roundup 3: Tacos, Broken Guns and Gunrunning

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    TFB Podcast Roundup 66: ATF Regs, and Tactical Blindness

    Welcome to the TFB Podcast Roundup 3! This week we’ve got some fresh new podcasts that only recently started up this year. Silencer Shop now has their own podcast that started up just a few months ago and they are one of the few gun podcasts out there that really dive deep into firearms history. Their inaugural episode featured the history of the Silencer and its inventor Hiram Percy Maxim. If you’re looking for a history-focused podcast, you might want to consider checking out the new Silencer Shop podcast.

    Speaking of podcasts, here at TFB we have our very own weekly TFB Behind The Gun Podcast. We invite industry experts, TFB and TFBTV staff as well as CEOs and company owners to give us an inside look at the firearms industry as well as have general conversations about firearms and life. You can catch the TFB Behind The Gun Podcast every week at 9am Eastern on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or right here on This last week we had on TFB Staff Writer Benjamin F who is well known for his humorous article where he regaled us with a tale of journeying across state lines and multiple forms of public transportation to acquire a 10/22 rifle. You can check that episode and more TFB Behind The Gun Podcast episodes below.

    TFB Behind The Gun Podcast

    TFB Podcast Roundup 3: Tacos, Broken Guns and Gunrunning

    TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #29: Staff Writer Benjamin F

    Length: 16:22

    Subjects: Benjamin F’s SHTF gun, and a retelling of his most daring “gun run”

    TFB Podcast Roundup 3: Tacos, Broken Guns and Gunrunning

    Today on the podcast we have another Staff Writer from The Firearm Blog. Benjamin F has been with us for a number of years and initially started off his tenure with TFB by joining the TFBTV Discord Moderator team. From there, Ben joined the TFB writing staff and enjoys covering a broad spectrum of topics ranging from firearms legal issues as well as other topics like legally smuggling arms using large inconspicuous yellow duffle bags.
    Benjamin has acquired his Masters in Criminology and has been a lifetime firearms enthusiast with a strong penchant for shooting sports including 2-gun competitions as well as military surplus firearms.

    TFB Behind the Gun – Staff Writer Benjamin F – Listen here on TFB

    Concealed Taco Dudes Podcast Episode 99

    Length: 1:11:54

    Subjects: Reloading, Family Life, and Gunsmithing

    The Concealed Taco Dudes podcast is run by a guy I’ve been following for a long time on YouTube. (Full.Lead.Taco). While the YouTube content is great for gleaning a lot of information and entertainment for reloading wildcat calibers like the .458 SOCOM, the podcast is equally as entertaining as the guys on the podcast talk about almost anything including some particularly odd/weird situations that happened recently in the news in regards to firearms. You can check out Full.Lead.Taco on YouTube or check out their latest podcast below.

    Concealed Taco Dudes Podcast Episode 99 – Listen On Apple Podcasts

    The MagLife Podcast – Episode  184 – FINDING PEACE AS A WARRIOR

    Length 1:42:54

    Subjects: War, Veterans During Peacetime, Martial Arts, Special Operations

    On this episode of the Mag Life Podcast, two warriors formally meet and for a heavy discussion about their war and peacetime experiences. Daniel is joined by Tu Lam, a Vietnamese-American former US Army Special Forces Green Beret, martial artist, trainer, entrepreneur, and TV show host. Known for his tactical gear and training company, Ronin Tactics, he is also known for his on-screen appearance on Forged in Fire: Knife or Death, as well as being featured as a playable character in Call of Duty: Warzone. Tu has carved out a public image of himself as a disciplined modern-day warrior and teacher.

    I had the chance to meet Daniel Shaw (of GunMagWarehouse) at SHOT 2020 and had a great time getting to know him and everything he does for the folks over at GunMagWarehouse. This podcast truly puts things into perspective for those that have served and are using their skills and training to adapt to further challenges at home.

    The Maglife Podcast 184 – TU LAM | FINDING PEACE AS A WARRIOR – Listen Nativley @ GunMagWarehouse. 

    The Broken Gun Podcast – When Ed’s Away

    Length: 57:02

    Subjects: Clay Shooting, Stalking, and Engraving

    TFB Podcast Roundup 3: Tacos, Broken Guns and Gunrunning

    Hailing from Australia, these gunners down under love to discuss their various adventures and shooting shenanigans. This week they are missing their main host Eddie (their resident hunter) so Jonny and Lloyd take over and take the podcast down the road of clay pigeon shooting and some of the challenges and techniques they’ve run into when out shooting and how to combat some of the physical fatigue they’ve experienced during competition.

    The Broken Gun Podcast – When Ed’s Away – Listen on Google Podcasts

    Competitive Rifle Podcast 046 – University of Florida 3-Gun Team

    Length: 23:36

    Subjects: College Shooting Teams

    TFB Podcast Roundup 3: Tacos, Broken Guns and Gunrunning

    If you’re into competitive rifle shooting of any type, this is the podcast for you. The guys talk all about the various courses of fire, firearms, equipment, and methodology that surround the competitive rifle shooting world. This week they interview the University of Florida 3-Gun team who go on to talk about their various sponsorships and members of the team.

    Competitive Rifle Podcast 046 – University of Florida 3-Gun Team – Listen on Apple Podcasts

    The Silencer Shop Podcast Episode 03 – Michael Cargill and Central Texas Gun Works

    Length: 43:00

    Subjects: Central Texas Gun Works, Firearms Education

    TFB Podcast Roundup 3: Tacos, Broken Guns and Gunrunning

    TFB Podcast Roundup 3: Tacos, Broken Guns and Gunrunning

    In this episode, you’ll learn all about what makes Michael tick. You’ll hear just how passionate he is about firearms education and protecting our constitutional rights. He also talks about being the first gun shop to accept cryptocurrencies for gun sales.

    The Silencer Shop Podcast Episode 03 – Michael Cargill and Central Texas Gun Works – Listen on Google Podcasts

    Thanks for reading and listening to TFB. If you have any comments about any of the podcasts above or have suggestions for podcasts that we should feature in our weekly podcast roundup – leave a comment below!

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