Dead Air Silencers Loves Fire: Pyro 2.0 Enhanced Muzzle Brake

    Pyro 2.0

    Reducing your signature can be very important in a gunfight. Concealing your position can keep you alive. However, depending on your circumstances, the signature reduction could be less important than reducing recoil. Muzzle brakes excel in recoil reduction (with the tradeoff of increased sound, typically). Dead Air Silencers produces some very high-quality muzzle devices. The newest to hit their catalog of goodies is a muzzle brake, and it’s fire. This is the new Pyro 2.0 Enhanced Muzzle Brake from Dead Air Silencers.

    Dead Air Silencers @ TFB:

    Pyro 2.0

    Our flash hiders excel at keeping flash to a minimum, but sometimes you just want a flatter shooting rifle and don’t care about the visual signature. That’s where the Pyro comes in.

    Install it over your flash hider and just like that, your flash hider is a fully functional brake. Extremely effective, installs in seconds, and Keymo compatible.

    The Dead Air Silencers Pyro 2.0 Enhanced Muzzle Brake

    Pyro 2.0

    The Pyro 2.0 Enhanced Muzzle Brake uses Dead Air’s new Pyro vented shroud. This, combined with their KeyMo or Xeno, allows users to install the Pyro 2.0 over their existing flash hider. The brake ships with a .30 cal front cap. This cap is also interchangeable with your existing Sandman/R-Series front caps. If you already have a KeyMo, you have the option of buying the other parts separately.

    Pyro 2.0


    • Mount: Key brake / Flash hider
    • Length: 3.1″
    • MSRP: $349.00

    Pyro 2.0

    Dead Air Silencers also makes … well, silencers. Check out all they have to offer on their website. You can also follow Dead Air on various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Make sure you also check out their YouTube channel for some fun content and videos of their podcast. Keep up your training!

    Pyro 2.0

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