Wilson Combat Releases The New 15 Round SFX9 Pistol

    Wilson Combat Releases The New 15 Round SFX9 Pistol 3

    Wilson Combat has introduced a new model to their SFX9 pistol lineup. The new SFX9 has a 15 round capacity and a subcompact 3.25” barrel.  The frame is solid milled T6-7075 aluminum allowing it to be light enough to carry for long durations.  The enhanced grip shape significantly enhances recoil control during rapid fire and long shooting sessions.

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    SFX9 Left Side

    The solid frame design is more rugged than traditional 2-piece grip/frame 2011 designs. The grip is wrapped in Wilson Combats X-Tac tread pattern to improve control for a nonabrasive comfortable grip in all circumstances.  The robust EDC X9 magazines are retained for superb reliability with a tube and follower system designed specifically for 9mm.

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    SFX9 Right Side

    The SFX9 subcompact slide retains the use of Wilson Combats’ “Enhanced Reliability System” for 9mm 1911s.  Tailored for the varying power levels of 9mm ammunition, it allows impressive reliability in a variety of conditions even when fouled and low on lubrication.  It also features a tri topped slide, user-replaceable front sight, single lug tapered cone match-grade barrel, reliability enhancing reduced frame rails and a user-serviceable external extractor.

    SFX9 Disassembled

    SFX9 Disassembled

    As is typical with Wilson Combat pistols, they are superbly accurate. The hand-fitted 3.25” barrel achieves the same match grade accuracy as the larger EDC X9 pistols guaranteeing 1.25” accuracy at 25 yards.  The pistol is painstakingly tuned by Wilson Combat’s gunsmiths for reliability with a wide variety of target and defensive ammunition.  Like the EDC X9, it can be field stripped without the use of any tools and can be completely disassembled with a single punch.  The pistol is finished with a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) PVD finish with optional chromium and tungsten underlayers to enhance corrosion and abrasive resistance.  Designed to be rugged, light and easy to shoot, the SFX9 should be an excellent option for concealed carry by Wilson Combat.  MSRP for the new 15 round SFX9 is set at $2,895.

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