A Very Impressive Pistol: The NEW Nighthawk Custom VIP

    The viability of the 1911 platform is a constant subject of debate among modern pistol shooters. What’s not up for debate is the beautiful lines and craftmanship often associated with the 110-year-old design. Graced with the work of a master engraver is the newest high-end offering from Nighthawk Custom. Introducing the Nighthawk Custom VIP (Very Impressive Pistol).

    Nighthawk Custom @ TFB:

    A Very Impressive Pistol The NEW Nighthawk Custom VIP (1)

    The Nighthawk VIP, or Very Impressive Pistol, is just that. As one of our most exclusive 1911 models, the VIP is built as a true heirloom piece. This pistol is crafted with all the finest customizations, including a tasteful amount of hand engraving done by a master engraver. The VIP is also equipped with an 18k solid gold bead front sight and giraffe bone grips. To complete this truly elite package, the VIP comes in a custom walnut hardwood presentation case. Originally only offered in a 5” Government, you can now get a 4.25” Commander and caliber options of 9mm or 45 ACP.

    The NEW Nighthawk Custom VIP


    The Nighthawk Custom VIP is now available in commander size. There are two finishes available. The antiqued nickel finish has a classic look. The other option is a black DLC finish, giving the gun a strong resistance to scratches. Instead of a standard front sight post, the VIP uses an 18k solid gold bead sight to match your favorite tooth. The engraving is done by hand, and finishing off the luxury are the giraffe bone grips.



    • Caliber: 9mm / .45 ACP
    • Frame size: Commander
    • Slide width: .92″
    • Width: 1.4″
    • Rear sight: Heinie Black Slant Pro
    • Front sight: Gold bead
    • MSRP: $7,999.99

    A Very Impressive Pistol The NEW Nighthawk Custom VIP (2)

    This is far from the only high-end 1911 made by Nighthawk Custom. Take a look at their website to see everything they offer. Follow along with Nighthawk on their Instagram page for more updates. Keep training!

    Nic L

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