New M&P Shield Plus XS Night Sights Now Available

    New M&P Shield Plus XS Night Sights now Available

    Night sights are a great way to cover all of your bases whether you’re shooting in daytime or nighttime conditions. Night sights offer superior sight picture acquisition during low light conditions and don’t require frequent battery replacement like red dots do. Now there is a new set of M&P Shield Plus XS night sights available in either an orange or green 3-dot tritium setup. Now XS Sights have given end-users the ability to upgrade their stock 3-dot white sights with a 10-year warranty backed set of tritium night sights.

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    New M&P Shield Plus XS Night Sights now Available

    New M&P Shield Plus XS Night Sights Now Available

    XS Sights will now be offering 4 new options for the recently released M&P Shield Plus micro-compact 9mm pistol. The DXT2, R3D, F8, and DXW2 night sights will all be available for purchase and will be priced between $103 and $132, and come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

    XS night sights are extremely popular with those who want to achieve faster target acquisition in defensive shooting situations, with the surge in gun sales, we’re seeing increased demand for all of our sights. They offer a clear benefit for new pistol owners, long-time gun owners, and those with aging eyes who need a bigger and brighter sight that they can easily see in every lighting condition.

    -Marketing Manager Addison Monroe – XS Sights

    DXT2 Big Dot

    New M&P Shield Plus XS Night Sights now Available

    The DXT2 sights feature XS Sights propriety self-illuminating Gold Dot technology. Each tritium vial is surrounded by a photoluminescent material that glows even before your tritium becomes visible in low light conditions. The Big Dot is available in two different colors (Optic Yellow, Optic Orange) and is among the most popular set of sights that XS sells.

    F8 Night Sight

    New M&P Shield Plus XS Night Sights now Available

    Featuring a figure-eight inline sight picture with a wide rear notched sight, the F8 is great for those who prefer to shoot with a two-point alignment method. The F8 sights feature a large front Orange Glow Dot which aids in faster front sight and target acquisition.


    New M&P Shield Plus XS Night Sights now Available

    The RD3 is XS Sights’ traditional offering for the Sheld Plus. The front sights feature the Glow Dot technology while the rear sights feature standard tritium vials which still help draw your eye to the front sight while still providing your eyes with better sight alignment in lower light conditions. The RD3 is available in Orange or Green Glow Dot colors.


    New M&P Shield Plus XS Night Sights now Available

    The DXW2 tritium night sights are available with Big Dot (Orange or Yellow) front sights and feature a shallow-V, white stripe, a non-tritium rear sight which aids in sight alignment as well as better target acquisition.

    For more information on each of these new Smith & Wesson Shield Plus XS night sight offerings, you can visit What are your thoughts on adding night sights to pistols? Do you forgo them in favor of simply adding a weapon light or do you try to put them on every pistol you can?

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