POTD: Amphibious Assault in Ravlunda


    Welcome back to TFB’s Photo Of The Day. As the name indicates, our POTDs are dedicated to interesting pictures and are updated daily. Today we have a mixture of international Corps of Marines from Sweden, Finland, and the U.K. conducting amphibious assaults on a beachhead in Ravlunda, Sweden. This happened in front of the local and national media outlets during BALTOPS 2015.

    Above we have a Marine from Sweden and just below we have a Marine from Finland. There is also a big presence of U.S. Marines further down.

    The amphibious forces are part of 17 NATO Allies and partner nations that are integrated in air, land, and sea operations to improve their combined-force capability to work together and to respond to threats in the Baltic region.

    The U.S. Navy on a Swedish beach.

    Mortar training.

    Looks like the weather was nice that day.

    Swedish Coastal/Amphibious Rangers (with the Viking patch) and soldiers. The rifles are the Ak5 (FN FNC) with Aimpoint sights.

    All photos by Sgt. Tatum Vayavananda.