US Army Selects Trijicon MGRS As New Heavy Machine Gun Optic


    The US Army MMO or Mounted Machine gun Optic program has selected the Trijicon MGRS (Machine Gun Reflex Sight) for use on the Browning M2 and M2A1 platforms. The initial MMO program started in 2018 put out a request to manufacturers for a mounted weapon platform optic in order to facilitate “faster target acquisition times and increased first burst probability of hit”. It is unknown at the time of writing how many optics the army has ordered and at what price but the initial solicitation mentioned a number up to 11,450.

    Trijicon @TFB:

    US Army Selects Trijicon MGRS As New Heavy Machine Gun Optic

    • Magnification: 1x
    • Magnifier: 3x
    • Weight: 66.9oz
    • Power Source: CR123A
    • Housing Material: 7075-T6 Forged Aluminum
    • Battery life: Up To 1000 Hours
    • Finish: Matte Black
    • LengthxWidthxHeight: 8.78 in x 4.38 in x 5.22 in

    The MGRS is built to be rugged as is to be expected of a company like Trijicon with a housing made of 7075-T6 aluminum. It features a non-magnified lens and a 3x magnifier for better PID (positive identification of targets). The reticle is a 35 MOA segmented circle reticle with a 3 MOA dot for precise aiming.

    MGRS Reticle

    The MGRS has 7 brightness settings allowing the use of night vision optics and several settings for bright daylight. The unit is powered by a single CR123A battery giving a run time of up to 1,000 hours.  Zeroing the optic is made easy with 1-MOA adjustments and 100 MOA total travel. The MGRS has two interchangeable range knobs pre-calibrated for use on the M2/M2A1 platform. When properly zeroed, the range knob allows the user to dial for correct range as a mechanical Bullet Drop Compensation. For more information on the MGRS, you can visit the Trijicon website.

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