TFB Weekly Amazon Deals 2: National Etch A Sketch Day

    TFB Weekly Amazon Deals 34: Airgun Deals for Cheap Backyard Training

    TFB Weekly Amazon Deals 34: Airgun Deals for Cheap Backyard Training

    Welcome to Amazon Deals 2! Today is July 12th – National Etch A Sketch Day. What does an Etch-A-Sketch have to do with guns or gun gear? Well, to be completely honest, probably nothing. However, I was looking at one of these toys from my childhood in a store recently and it got me thinking about how fun these simple toys really are. For those who don’t know, the Etch A Sketch simply uses a glass or plastic sheet that gets coated with a very fine aluminum powder and then makes use of a pulley-driven stylus to “etch” an image onto the screen. Like any firearms-obsessed child, I drew plenty of guns, tanks, planes, and knives on my own Etch A Sketch. I spent countless hours on the road drawing every deadly instrument known to man while simultaneously trying not to let our station wagon’s ancient suspension destroy my aluminum powdered works of art.

    However, now that I am much older and only slightly wiser, I’ll leave the drawings to the professionals. Speaking of which, a while back a buddy of mine made this amazing piece of art featuring our very own freedom-loving, short shorts-wearing James Reeves. For more great sketches featuring some pretty awesome firearms concept art follow him here on Instagram. See his fan art below:

    TFB Weekly Amazon Deals 2: National Etch-A-Sketch Day

    TFB Weekly Amazon Deals 2: National Etch-A-Sketch Day

    For this week, Amazon Deals 2 features some nice outdoor gear and clothing for these hot summer months you’ll be spending outdoors (or should be). There’s also a limited edition 60th Anniversary Etch A Sketch available for sale as well.

    Etch A Sketch Classic, Stan Lee Limited-Edition Drawing Toy

    TFB Weekly Amazon Deals 2: National Etch A Sketch Day

    Zero Tolerance 0350TS Folding Pocket Knife Tiger-Stripe Tungsten DLC

    I’m trying to include at least one item from each of these lists that I actually own or have owned in the past. I recently picked up one of these ZT knives directly from their website for about $180 (which was a sale price) and now it is on Amazon for just a hair under $130. I really like knives with fat blades and no serrations for virtually every kind of use. The price right now is just about tempting enough for me to buy a 2nd one but I’m not sure I’d need to as Zero Tolerance offers a lifetime sharpening service with all of their knives.

    SureFire Infrared Scout Light Pro Compact IR/White LED WeaponLight

    I’ve recently gotten into night vision devices and finding the perfect blend of weapon light, Infrared Illuminator and IR laser has been a difficult task. I took a hard look at one of these Scout Light Pros but decided instead to go with a Steiner DBAL IL2 simply because I was able to get a better price on it at the time. However, this FDE coated IR/White Light flashlight is just a hair over $100 off at the moment from its regular price so it might be worth looking into for those of you who play the night vision game.

    CAT Combat Application Tourniquet – GEN 7

    I don’t have to replace my Tourniquets often but the ones I do replace are generally the ones that see the most abuse. Thankfully, I’ve never had to use one in the field but after a while, in the sun or if they get exposed to rain or direct sunlight for too long I think it’s safe to have it retired just in case its structural integrity has been compromised. Although North American Rescue doesn’t have specific expiration dates for their GEN 7 CATs, they do recommend that they be replaced if it has been subjected to “extreme” weather or temperature conditions.

    5.11 Tactical Multicam Combat Cargo Pant

    5.11’s Tactical combat cargo pants are great for trips to the range or just doing work around the yard or in the shop. The pants feature genuine Multicam camouflage coloring and not a ripoff version of the popular camo. In addition to the generous arrangement of pockets. the pants feature a water-resistant Teflon finish and a self-adjusting waistband. The Tactical Combat Cargo pants are on sale right now for $79.99.

    Hoppe’s No. 9 Pistol and Revolver Cleaning Kit

    This is a simple, compact cleaning kit great to toss in with your range bag as a subtle reminder to clean your gun when you get home. The kit features everything you need to clean and lube your gun and have it ready to carry the next day or for your next range trip. The kit is currently on sale for $22.39 for prime members.

    The Ubiquitous Lens Pen

    I love lens pens. After you’ve purchased your first piece of shooting glass you’ll be worried about keeping that lens in pristine condition. Each lens pen comes with a retractable bristled brush for removing dust and debris as well as a fingerprint and smudge removing pad (do not be alarmed if a thicker pad falls out of the cap, this is the replenishment cap and not the actual smudge removal pad). This is another one of those items I like to have 20 of just because I’ll inevitably lose one or just keep one in each of my bags for when I happen to need it or an old one gets used up.

    Let us know what kind of deals you’re finding on firearms and shooting-related gear and equipment on Amazon!

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