Gunwerks THE CUT Lightweight Bolt Action Rifle

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    Skunkwerks, the special projects division of Gunwerks, came up with another limited-edition wonder rifle called The CUT. The goal of Skunkwerks engineers when creating The CUT was to design the lightest possible version of the Gunwerks ClymR rifle without compromising its strength and integrity. They extensively used lightweight materials and lightened/skeletonized parts, however, in Gunwerks’ own words, they cut material, not performance. Let’s take a closer look.

    Gunwerks @ TFB:

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    Being designed for long-range mountain hunting, The CUT rifle is offered in calibers suitable for the job –  6.5 PRC and 7 SAUM. To make the already lightweight ClymR rifle even lighter, the titanium GLR action and the butt pad adapter are skeletonized, the stock is made of spread tow carbon fiber and the steel core of the 20″ carbon fiber wrapped barrel has a lightened/optimized profile. Additionally, steel parts were replaced with titanium ones everywhere possible. The aluminum bedding block was replaced with a magnesium one. The QD sling swivel sockets are made of aluminum. Even the Leupold VX6 HD scope that these rifles come with is a custom one and is 8% lighter than the standard scope. As a result of all these weight-saving measures, The CUT rifle is 20% lighter than comparable production ClymR rifles. The 7 SAUM and 6.5 PRC versions of the rifle weigh 6.5 and 6.8 lbs respectively (with the scopes installed).

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    Gunwerks The CUT rifle is available with a right-hand action only. The muzzle is threaded and the rifle comes with a titanium Gunwerks Directional Brake installed. The rifle is fed from AICS pattern magazines. The length of pull is 13.5″ and the overall length of the gun is 40.75″.

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    Obviously, a limited-edition space-age rifle like this can’t be an affordable one. The CUT rifle is listed on the Gunwerks’ website at $12,950

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    To learn more about the creation of Gunwerks The CUT rifle, watch the below-embedded video or listen to Episode 74 of Gunwerks’ Long Range Pursuit Podcast.

    What I’d really like to see is a Scout Rifle created by the mad scientists of the Skunwerks lab. With all this weight-saving magic applied to Jeff Cooper’s all-around rifle concept, I think chances are high Gunwerks could come up with the lightest Scout Rifle ever.

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