FAB Defense Adds the FRBS Offset Kit to Accessory Lineup

    F.A.B Defense Adds the FRBS Offset Kit to Accessory Lineup

    FAB. Defense has just added the new flip-up FRBS Offset Kit to their lineup of backup iron sights and other AR-15 accessories. The new sights offer the user a collapsing pair of fully adjustable iron sights for when their primary optic either becomes inoperable or unsuitable for the shooting situation at hand. The new sights will be available in Black, OD Green and FDE, and will retail for $94.99

    FAB Defense @ TFB:

    FAB Defense Adds the FRBS Offset Kit to Accessory Lineup

    F.A.B. Defense® is pleased to announce the addition of Front / Rear Backup Sight Offset Kit to their line of accessories. The FRBS Offset Kit is in full production and is distributed exclusively in the USA by The Third Bull & Co.

    F.A.B Defense® FRBS Offset Kit Features

    • Low Profile footprint
    • Available in right and left side
    • Manual flip up for easy deployment
    • Reliably maintains zero
    • Simple installation
    • Allen screw provided

    MSRP: $94.99

    The sights will also be offered in both right-handed and left-handed cants for our left-handed shooters or those who prefer to cant their rifle in the opposite direction. The sights are made from a “hard polymer” which makes them cost-effective, lightweight, and also durable. Each FRBS Offset Kit piece takes up a single slot on a standard 1913 Picatinny rail and clamps to the rail via an Allen head screw.

    F.A.B Defense Adds the FRBS Offset Kit to Accessory Lineup

    The canted sights can be folded down when not in use which not only makes the firearm more low profile but also prevents unwanted snags on slings and other equipment when maneuvering the rifle in and out of position. The new FAB Defense FRBS Offset Kit will be available for $94.99 and can be ordered directly from the FAB Defense website.

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