Banging Independence Day Deals On Guns, Gear, and Accessories

    Banging Independence Day Deals On Guns, Gear, and Accessories

    Banging Independence Day Deals On Guns, Gear, and Accessories

    Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays. While it is first and foremost a yearly reminder of our independence from colonial rule, it is also a yearly reminder that nothing gets done without a little bit of banging (the explosive kind). Fireworks are great and I’ll be partaking of some of these traditional celebratory explosions myself, but there is also time for the real thing. Firearms are what helped us claim our independence from the Crown and have been the close companion of liberty-loving revolutionaries around the world.

    I know you’ve been saving your ammunition for special occasions, but I think there is no better time to crack off a few rounds with friends and family than on the 4th of July. Here’s a great way to make more noise with your guns – everyone’s most favorite (or most hated) muzzle accessory – the muzzle brake! Our friends over at Witt Machine have set up a special sale for Independence day by offering customers 20% off on nearly their entire inventory. Witt Machine muzzle brakes, thread adapters, non Class III sound mitigation equipment as well as full-on NFA suppressors. If you’re looking for a great deal on any of these, check out Witt Machine.

    20% Off Nearly everything in the Witt Machine Store!

    Banging Independence Day Deals On Guns, Gear, and Accessories

    Banging Independence Day Deals On Guns, Gear, and Accessories – Witt Machine Brakes and Suppressors

    For the rest of you, more deals on guns, gear, accessories, and giveaways are below.

    Banging Independence Day Reading and Listening Material @ TFB:

    Banging Independence Day Deals On Guns, Gear, and Accessories

    Aero Precision 4th of July Sale! Save up to 45% on Select Items

    In Stock Federal Syntech 147 Grain Total Synthetic Jacket 44 Cents per round!

    In Stock Ammunition at Midway USA

    I know it’s not perfectly priced ammunition but at least it’s in stock. There is more available on than what is pictured below so who knows what you’ll find.

    Up to 30% off Select Models of Polarized Oakley SNDI X87.1 Rated SUnglasses

    I’m a huge fan of the style of sunglasses depicted below. Not only do they look pretty decent on my ugly mug they also provide a little bit of extra protection from the sides while on the range. Finding truly polarized protective shooting glasses is tough but U.S. Elite Gear has Oakley’s on sale for this 4th of July Weekend!

    Tandemkross Holiday Weekend Sale – 10% Off Storewide from July 2nd till July 5th!

    TANDEMKROSS has been a favorite retailer of mine for a few reasons. They make some high-quality aftermarket parts for two of my favorite guns. The Ruger 10/22 and the Ruger Mk series of pistols. If you’re looking to upgrade your plinking pistol or rifle with some hot gear check out TANDEMKROSS for their 10% off storewide sale for Independence Day!

    Tyrant Designs CNC Best Sale Till Christmas!

    Tyrant Designs sells some of the flashiest and fanciest precision CNC milled aftermarket parts for pistols and rifles. If you’re looking to dress your rifle to impress Tyrant Designs CNC is having a great 4th of July sale on their best selling products and free shipping on orders over $50.

    Primary Arms Independence Day Sale!

    Aero Precision Independence Day Builder Sets *Limited Quantities Available*

    Celebrate the 4th in style with Aero Precisions July Builder Sets. Choose from M4E1 and M5E1 Handguards, and several different unique American Flagengraved magwells from Aero’s Freedom lineup.

    Recover 20/20 Stabilizer Kit for Glock Pistols – 20% Off until Supplies Run Out CODE: 202020C

    AR500 Extended Weekend Sale – Deals on Testudo Gen 2.0 Plate Carriers and Level III+ LW Loadout Packages

    Brownells Made In America Event. Enter to Win a MK18 Pistol with 1000-rounds of ammo. Giveaway ends July 12th. 

    Faxon Firearms “Home of the Brave” Giveaway Event! 

    Gunmagwarehouse July 4th Super Sale! Free Shipping on Orders over $100

    Be sure to check back on this article frequently for updates that may occur between now and the end of July 4th 2021!

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