OuterImpact Acquires Advantage Tactical Sights, Merges the Two Brands

    Optics mounting manufacturer OuterImpact has acquired Advantage Tactical Sights.

    Optics mounting manufacturer OuterImpact has acquired Advantage Tactical Sights.

    Idaho-based company OuterImpact is best known for producing optics mounts, particularly their M.R.A., or Modular RedDot Adapter. Typically, in order for a micro red dot sight to be installed on a handgun, the pistol’s slide needs to include an optics cut. Although an increasing number of manufacturers are offering these as either optional or standard from the factory, there are still plenty of handguns on the market without this option. While you can have a qualified gunsmith modify your non-optics-ready slide to accommodate a red dot, some gun owners may not wish to make such a permanent modification or to pay for it. In addition, these styles of modifications may only permit one kind of optic footprint to be used, or they may require the use of an additional mounting plate featuring the proper screw pattern for a given red dot.

    OuterImpact and Advantage Tactical Sights @ TFB:

    Until this merger, OuterImpact's flagship product has been their M.R.A., or Modular RedDot Adapter, shown here.

    Until this merger, OuterImpact’s flagship product has been their M.R.A., or Modular RedDot Adapter, shown here.

    OuterImpact’s M.R.A. models offer an alternative on both of these points. For non-optics cut slides, they make mounting plates that are secured to your handgun’s rear sight dovetail instead of bolting down into a slide cut. The M.R.A.s are also manufactured with a wide spectrum of screw patterns pre-drilled into them, which suit a variety of red dot footprints. This allows you to use one mounting plate for nearly any optic on the market, rather than having to choose between one plate for the Trijicon and Holosun pattern, a different one for Vortex and Burris, another for the Leupold DeltaPoint, etc. Now OuterImpact is adding some new products to their catalogue as well. They have just announced the acquisition of sight manufacturer Advantage Tactical Sights, and the two companies will now be housed together under the OuterImpact brand. The press release detailing this merger reads as follows.

    Advantage Tactical Sights' products include the Dark Diamond (shown here) and Pyramid lines.

    Advantage Tactical Sights’ products include the Dark Diamond (shown here) and Pyramid lines.

    OuterImpact, LLC Announces Acquisition of Advantage Tactical Sights

    Garden City, ID (June 21, 2021) – OuterImpact, LLC., the creator of the Modular Red Dot Adapter (M.R.A.) is excited to announce the successful acquisition of Advantage Tactical Sights (ATS), the innovator of firearm sighting systems, such as the Dark Diamond and the Pyramid Sights. OuterImpact owner Roy Chester had this to say:
    “We have had a relationship with Advantage Tactical Sights for many years, producing some of the sights components and assisting with other areas of the company, so bringing the two companies together was an easy choice. We look forward to offering new and existing customers these unique options as a firearm sighting system. I have had sets of Pyramid sights on all my everyday carry handguns for many years and am a big fan of this type of sight.” ATS sights differentiate themselves from other sight systems by giving the shooter more target visibility and a more intuitive alignment platform. Including the Firefly Glow sights, this allows up to 35 different color combinations in the master kit, to best suit the users preferences. The sight system also allows users to adjust the front sight elevation for maximum accuracy. ATS Pyramid Sights and Dark Diamonds are currently offered for models from these manufacturers:

    • Beretta
    • Canik
    • CZ
    • FN
    • Glock
    • H&K
    • Kimber
    • Smith & Wesson
    • Sig Sauer
    • Springfield Armory
    • Taurus
    • Walther

    For more information on OuterImpact or Advantage Tactical Sights visit outerimpact.com or contact [email protected]

    Photos courtesy of OuterImpact.
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