POTD: Latvian Mechanized Brigade with FN Minimi & HK G36


    Today we have some really good pictures from a unit we haven’t seen on TFB before: the Latvian Sauszemes spēku Mehanizētā kājnieku brigāde. My Latvian language skills are a bit poor, but it should be the “Mechanized Infantry Brigade of the Land Forces” translated to English. As you can see, they are using their standard-issue Heckler & Koch G36Cs. The standard-issue light machine gun is the FN Minimi.

    The mechanized infantry brigade is intended as a unit that provides comprehensive combat preparation for national battalions.

    Staged photos. For some reason, I think the soldiers preferred the ones taken on land.

    Pictures like this aren’t good, because I need a 6×6 as well. Looks like great fun.

    FN Minimi to the far right and HK G36Cs.

    Last but not least, a great photo against a blue-orange Latvian sky.

    I also found a video from their exercise Summer Shield 2021 where they blow some things up.

    All photos by Kaspars Lejnieks.

    You can find their website here: www.esmuforma.lv