AR-15 DL-44 Blaster Guns & Parts Kits Available From Canto Arms

    AR-15 DL-44 blaster from Canto Arms

    Image credit: Canto Arms

    In recent years, Star Wars fans have begun to ditch their dreams of building a Mauser C96 based replica of Han Solo’s DL-44 blaster due to soaring costs, and have a new hope in the much more affordable AR-15 DL-44 clones. Enter Canto Arms, which, at present have a dedicated line of AR-15 DL-44 clones for sale, both as complete .22LR pistols, and as parts kits, plus many other accessory options to complete the DL-44 build you never thought possible. Purists will no doubt scoff at a non-Mauser blaster clone, but with Canto Arms’ Nocturne 22 Heavy Blaster, you can have a close representation of Han Solo’s blaster for less than half of what a C96 conversion would cost, and you get to save the remaining Mausers at the same time.

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    Canto Arms Nocturne 22 Standard Imperial version. Image credit: Canto Arms

    The following is from Canto Arms regarding their two Nocturne 22 pistols, the Standard Imperial and Bellicose versions:

    Whether you are a mercenary smuggling spice to the outer rim or just being a scoundrel that shoots first, this is the blaster to have at your side. Built for the future, this .22LR semi- automatic blaster is the ultimate plinker in the galaxy.

    Great as a trainer for that first-time AR-15 user and equally fun to shoot for the whole family.

    Every Canto Arms Nocturne 22 is expertly assembled and test fired before shipping.


    • Caliber: .22 long rifle
    • Barrel length: 4.5 inches
    • 1/2×28″ threaded barrel
    • Standard AR-15 platform for ultimate customizability
    • Made in the USA with 7075 hardcoat anodized aluminum components for decreased weight and high durability
    • Stainless steel blowback bolt system with optional black Cerakote Micro Slick coating and polished feed ramp
    • Mil-spec lower controls and grip (Standard)
    • Enhanced mag release, ambidextrous selector (short/long configurable), walnut grip (Bellicose)
    • Enhanced Longitudinal Grind trigger components
    • Rear quick disconnect (QD) sling swivel included
    • Includes one nylon 10-round X-Form short format magazine. Additional magazines available for purchase
    • Optics/sights sold separately

    Canto Arms also offers a host of pertinent accessories such as long eye relief pistol scopes, scope rings and offset Picatinny ring bases if you want to go full Ham Han with an offset optic. They also appear to be taking pre-orders for a new AR-15 compatible broomhandle grip to round out the look. The grip is listed at $129.95.

    AR-15 DL-44 blaster from Canto Arms

    Image credit: Canto Arms

    AR-15 DL-44 blaster from Canto Arms

    Image credit: Canto Arms

    The complete AR-15 DL-44 pistols from Canto Arms can be found HERE, with drop-down menus to choose from. The complete pistols range from $539.95 to $670.87. The parts kits from Canto Arms needed to convert your current AR-15 are listed at $441.25 to $486.25 and can be found HERE. Feel free to check out Canto Arms’ website to view all of their products, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

    AR-15 DL-44 blaster from Canto Arms

    AR-15 DL-44 parts kit. Image credit: Canto Arms

    What do you think of Canto Arms’ AR-15 DL-44 blaster and parts kits? How many of you are tempted to spend some credits on one of these and a brick of .22LR tracers?

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