Hello, Darlin’: The Conway Twitty Tribute Pistol (No, Really)

    Don't adjust your TV sets, kids: there really is a Conway Twitty Tribute Pistol, as seen here in its optional display case.

    Don't adjust your TV sets, kids: there really is a Conway Twitty Tribute Pistol, as seen here in its optional display case.

    If you read the headline for this article and immediately checked your calendar to discern whether it’s April Fools’ Day, and/or began wondering if you’re losing your mind, neither is the case. There genuinely exists such a thing as the Conway Twitty Tribute Pistol, and it’s presented here for your likely incredulity, amazement, and entertainment (or possibly just your disgust) in all its gold-plated glory. You might think it more appropriate to commemorate a deceased career musician with something… perhaps, musical? Maybe a guitar, a microphone, or a framed record? This would be understandable, but the good folks over at “America Remembers” are individuals possessive of, shall we say… innovative vision. Their product catalogue spans a staggering amount of commemorative firearms, nearly 150 models deep, and gaudy gilded embellishments adorn almost all of them.

    You may not like to admit that you need this gun, and although I sympathize, I still see the "want to" in your eyes...

    You may not like to admit that you need this gun, and although I sympathize, I still see the “want to” in your eyes…

    Most of the America Remembers products cover the themes you’d expect, like patriotic motifs honoring the military, or nods to Old West figures like the Texas Rangers and Wild Bill Hickok. A select few, however, go a bit off the rails, and this .45-caliber ode to one of yesteryear’s country music superstars has got to be one of the best (or worst?). Twitty’s music career spanned nearly forty years, beginning in 1955 and continuing until his death in 1993, when he was just shy of 60 years old. Six years later, he was posthumously inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in recognition of his 50 million+ albums sold, 55 number one hit singles, and numerous other awards and accolades. In spite of all his other honors, would he consider the existence of this garish 1911 to be the greatest honor ever bestowed upon him? Sadly, we’ll never know for sure.

    And now, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty's Tribute Pistol.

    And now, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty’s Tribute Pistol.

    The Conway Twitty Tribute Pistol, in the company’s own words:

    Only 300 Conway Twitty™ Tribute Pistols will be issued in this exclusive limited edition available only through America Remembers. Order now to become one of the fortunate owners of this handsome Tribute honoring one of America’s greatest country music icons.

    During his nearly four decades of musical success, Conway Twitty earned the love of millions of fans around the world and the respect of his fellow performers. Whether recording an album in the studio, performing to sold-out crowds across the country or greeting fans in his own front yard, Conway Twitty remained an American original and endures as an American legend. The Conway Twitty™ Tribute Pistol will certainly make a handsome addition to any collection, ensuring the man and his music will be remembered for many generations to come.

    The left side features a pair of detailed portraits from two very different times in Conway’s career. The portrait on the left shows the singer-songwriter at the peak of his career. The portrait of this Colt .45 pistol on the right is based on a photo taken shortly before stardom struck, showing the young musician in his U.S. Army uniform and strumming his guitar. Featured in the center is a stylized presentation of the Conway Twitty name. All artwork is featured in sparkling 24-karat gold on this Colt .45 pistol.

    The right side features three portraits of Conway. The image on the far left shows the singer in a relaxed pose strolling the grounds of his beloved Twitty City. The center portrait shows a classic pose of Conway. On the right is a portrait of Conway in his early days. Between the portraits is Twitty’s signature plated in 24-karat gold and placed above the fitting tagline, “The Man, The Music, The Legend.” Each side of this Colt .45 pistol features decorative ornamental scrollwork in the tradition of the finest presentation firearms.

    Near the hammer on both sides, the instantly recognizable Conway Twitty “CT” logo® is featured.

    This Colt .45 pistol Tribute features rosewood grips with the classic “double-diamond” checkering pattern. Complementing the overall design, the grip screws, slide stop, hammer, safety lock, magazine catch and main spring housing pin are all decorated in 24-karat gold.

    Images courtesy of America Remembers.
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