The Mega Pistol: DIY 3D-Printed 40-Round .22LR Semi-Auto Pistol

    New DIY "Mega Pistol" 3D-Printed and Aluminum Milled 22LR Semi-Auto

    I was recently bumming around on YouTube when I came across an interesting video from May 26th featuring a supposedly 100% original design of a semi-automatic .22LR pistol. Coming from the YouTube channel Humphrey Wittinsworth IV, the so-called “Mega Pistol” features a 40-round fixed rotary magazine that would only really be possible to the common man via 3D printing technology.

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    The Mega Pistol: DIY 3D-Printed 40-Round .22LR Semi-Auto Pistol

    The 40-round pistol doesn’t feature a removable magazine with the firearm instead being loaded from the rear while rotating the internal ring mechanism. The firearm’s semi-auto component works by transferring the linear motion of the slide to rotational motion via interaction between the slide and the internal ring. While early iterations of the Mega Pistol weren’t very reliable, over 4 months of work and 10 iterations of the ring were printed and tested to get the most reliable Mega Pistol yet. Most of the details are in the video posted below but there is a little bit of written info from the video description itself:

    I made this mega pistol from scratch, ring mechanism with magnetic disconnector and striker design no magazine, no springs for ammo follower, just pure conversion of linear motion into rotational motion also, since the ring uses recoil force to rotate, it absorbs a ton of energy and makes for a super soft shooting gun (drums are bad btw, this is NOT a drum-type mechanism)

    New DIY "Mega Pistol" 3D-Printed and Aluminum Milled 22LR Semi-Auto

    So far this guy has about 300 rounds through the latest iteration of the Mega Pistol and he plans on releasing the 3D print files for the Mega Pistol on a repository soon. The designer of the Mega Pistol isn’t a firearms designer by trade but instead a Software Engineer and just enjoys designing this kind of stuff as a fun side hobby. With the addition of the halo-style ring on the back of the pistol’s slide, it kind of reminds me of a futuristic-looking Ruger MKIV that had sex with a Glock. What are your thoughts on this new DIY “Mega Pistol?” I’m just glad to see more and more people taking 3D printing seriously and starting to look for ways to innovate within the firearms world instead of just make clones of what already exists. Both are great but new stuff is always cooler!

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