Carry a Spare: NEW Strike Industries EMP Pocket Clip

    EMP Pocket Clip

    There are two main reasons to have a spare magazine when you’re carrying a firearm. The first is obviously more ammunition. The second is in case of malfunctions. Regardless of why you carry a spare magazine, it can be a hassle. We already have so much crap to carry on a daily basis that I see more and more people opting for smaller and more convenient systems. About as minimal as you can get, Strike Industries has released a clip that integrated specifically with their EMP. This is the Strike EMP Pocket Clip.

    Strike Industries EMP @ TFB

    EMP Pocket Clip

    The Strike Industries EMP Pocket Clip gives you a quick and easy way to carry a spare pistol magazine for when you need it. As well as the clip can help hang or organize magazines in a range bag or safe. Offered for either right or left handed shooters, also however you prefer your bullet facing orientation, this SUS630 stainless steel matte black finish low-profile pocket clip is made to only work with compatible Strike Industries Extended Magazine Plate’s (EMP).

    The NEW Strike Industries EMP Pocket Clip

    EMP Pocket Clip

    The clip is made of SUS630 stainless steel. They are available in left or right-hand configuration. The package comes with screws of various lengths to have compatibility with all varieties of EMP. This includes EMPs for the Canik TP9, CZ P-10F, Glock G19/17/22, H&K VP9, Sig P320, and S&W M&P full size 9/40. The matte black finish and low-profile clip will blend seamlessly into any wardrobe.

    EMP Pocket Clip


    • Length: 28.67mm
    • Width: 25.00mm
    • Height: 26.87mm
    • Weight: 2.0 oz
    • MSRP: $7.95

    EMP Pocket Clip

    For more details on the Strike Industries EMP Pocket Clip, head to SI’s website. If you hop over to Strike’s YouTube channel, you’ll find shooting tips, as well as videos on how to install your Strike parts. You can also follow along on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Stay safe out there.

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