POTD: The LMT MARS-L – New Zealand Army in the Malaysian Jungle


    Our Photo Of The Day features a rifle you don’t see every day – the LMT MARS-L made by Lewis Machine and Tool Company in the hands of reservists from New Zealand, as they conduct a fighting patrol through the Malaysian jungle. Replacing the Steyr AUG, the LMT in 5.56x45mm NATO now serves as the standard service rifle of the New Zealand Army. It’s available in two different barrel lengths.

    MARS-L is an abbreviation from Modular Ambidextrous Rifle System – Light. Most have the Trijicon ACOG optic with an RMR red dot on top, just like the rifle above.

    Some of our reservists have recently undertaken training in a jungle environment in Malaysia for Exercise Bersama Lima. A unique training opportunity for our reservists to hone the skills they need to deploy and support our Army, and to take back to their civilian roles. Take a look behind the scenes.

    A Captain in the Malaysian Army gives orders for the company attack on an enemy position. Trying to provide a map of the jungle must be a real challenge. Note the bullpup rifle, do you know what it is?

    Reservists conduct a fighting patrol through the Malaysian Jungle to seek out potential enemy threats in the area. They move with caution to ensure they are not heard or seen.

    All pictures from the New Zealand Army.