Jard Big Loop Lever Kit For Marlin 1895 and 336 Lever Action Rifles

    Jard Inc. big loop lever

    While we patiently wait to see what Ruger does with its purchase of the Marlin company, some users may be stuck in limbo wishing they’d gotten their earlier Marlin outfitted with a larger lever loop. Jard Inc. has just reintroduced their Big Loop Kit for Marlin 1895 and 336 lever action rifles. Big loop levers on lever actions are made to accommodate gloved hands. If you’re familiar with some of the smallest loop levers outfitted from the factory, you’ll know there’s quite a difference between that and big loop levers, especially in colder environments where gloves are a given. The photo below is from Marlin’s website before the liquidation of their parent company, Remington, which shows one of the smaller lever loops outfitted on a Marlin 336.

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    Jard Inc. Big Loop lever for Marlin lever actions

    The JARD Big Loop Lever Kit provides a larger lever-action for gloved hands, while giving you more space to avoid any recoil biting your hands. The kit has an easy installation process that can be followed along with the guide below:
    -Plunger/detent is included

    Jard Inc. is pretty scant with their description, but after reading their included instructions, there’s really not much to say as the removal of the original loop and installation of the Big Loop levers are extremely straightforward. It only requires the pivoting screw to be removed, take out the old lever, insert the new Big Loop and replace the screw to secure it. Jard lists their Marlin lever kit for $99.95. You can view the product page for the Big Loop lever HERE, or check out Jard Inc.’s main page to see their whole product line. You can also follow Jard on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

    Jard Inc. Big Loop lever

    Which size loop is your favorite for lever action rifles? If you’ve been tempted to switch to a larger lever on your Marlin 1895 or 336, are you considering Jard’s new offering?

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