New Custom 10mm 1911 on Offer from Kinsey’s and Fusion Firearms

    New Custom 10mm 1911 on Offer from Kinsey's and Fusion Firearms

    I sometimes struggle to read what the gun industry as a whole wants and I suppose that’s a fruitless effort.  We are blessed with more variety than ever before when it comes to the types of guns available even within the same class and we now have yet another custom offering of the legendary 1911 pistol – the Kinsey’s/Fusion Firearms 10mm 1911. In a press release dated June 16th, Kinsey’s announced that they had released a special “one-of-a-kind” pistol in cooperation with Fusion Firearms. They took their Reaction Model 1911 pistol and dressed it up with a custom engraved slide paying tribute to the 2nd Amendment and chambered it in God’s caliber- 10mm.

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    New Custom 10mm 1911 on Offer from Kinsey's and Fusion Firearms

    A Standard Model Fusion Firearms Reaction 1911.

    New Custom 10mm 1911 on Offer from Kinsey’s and Fusion Firearms

    Mount Joy, PA — Kinsey’s announced their collaboration with Fusion Firearms to create a one-of-a-kind pistol. The special make up pistol is built on Fusion Firearm’s popular Reaction Model and will be offered in 10mm.

    The gun’s design features a modern, stylized Don’t Tread On Me snake on both the grips and right side of the slide. The pistol also features the text Come And Take It with the American Flag on the left side of the slide.

    In the past year, Kinsey’s has become a trusted source for FFL dealers with an ever-increasing selection of the most popular brands and products. While archery will continue to be a core focus, there are now more reasons than ever to partner with Kinsey’s as an outdoor-industry distributor.

    Alex Cameron, Director of Purchasing Operations at Kinsey’s, stated, “We’re excited to offer a unique piece that pays tribute to our shooting heritage and support of the 2A. The quality of Fusion Firearms paired with the unique artwork of Kinsey’s own design team will provide dealers a must-have 1911 pistol that surely stands-out in their shops, all for an exceptional value.”

    This beautiful pistol would be a great additional to any gun enthusiast’s collection and will only be offered for a limited time.

    Interested dealers should contact Kinsey’s for more information or to purchase. Consumers who are interested in this gun can begin to look for this gun to be in Kinsey’s Dealer shops this summer.

    For more information, please contact Kinsey’s at 800.366.4269 or visit

    While the mating of the 1911 platform and the 10mm cartridge has been done before, I don’t think we’ll stop seeing custom variations of the 1911 and further excuses to keep 10mm alive despite its relatively obscure nature. I think Fusion Firearms does some pretty tasteful work as well and you should check out their Facebook page if you’re into custom 1911 work. I’ve posted a few examples of their custom work below.

    New Custom 10mm 1911 on Offer from Kinsey's and Fusion Firearms

    New Custom 10mm 1911 on Offer from Kinsey's and Fusion Firearms

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