Grey Man Tactical’s New Vehicle Seatback RMP Kit

    Grey Man Tactical's New Vehicle Seatback RMP Kit

    Organizing your guns and gear while on the road and out in the field is a hard thing to accomplish without proper storage methods. One method would be to store everything simply laid out in your back seat in bags or maybe even inside a strongbox to hide your guns and gear from prying eyes. However, when security isn’t an issue, I think there is a lot of merit to the seatback RMP system that Grey Man Tactical offers. Not only does the new Vehicle Seatback RMP kit give you quick access to your gear when you need it, but it also acts as a viable way to store everything when in transit and as the last benefit – it looks cool.

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    Grey Man Tactical's New Vehicle Seatback RMP Kit

    Grey Man Tactical’s New Vehicle Seatback RMP Kit

    Lafayette, LA – Grey Man Tactical™ is proud to announce the introduction of the Vehicle Seatback RMP™ Kit. With limitless mounting options, this kit from Grey Man Tactical™ offers a streamlined process to organize everyday gear.

    Every Vehicle Seatback RMP™ Kit comes with the best-selling 15.25 X 25 RMP™ and headrest/ seat bottom straps. Next are accessory choices from the most popular attachment categories: GEAR, MEDICAL and UTILITY.

    Each Kit lets you customize from the following, choosing one option from each of the three categories.

    GEAR: 3” QuickFist Clamp with hardware OR Dual QuickFist Original Clamp with hardware.
    MEDICAL: Tear Away Medical Pouch OR Tear Away Medical Pouch with BaseMED First Aid Kit.
    UTILITY: Large Utility Pouch OR Shockloop Bundle (x2)

    The Vehicle Seatback RMP™ Kit starts at $199.00, typically a $284.00 value.

    Grey Man Tactical's New Vehicle Seatback RMP Kit

    The kit that most appeals to me from this lineup is the Medical one. I don’t tend to like to transport my guns out in the open even if I’m not worried about them being absconded with and I tend to also keep all my guns organized with their ammunition and respective magazines and associated tools in separate range bags (I’m an organizational freak). What appeals to me about the medical seatback RMP kit is that it’s going to always be in a consistent and easy-to-reach place.

    Grey Man Tactical's New Vehicle Seatback RMP Kit

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