POTD: French Heckler & Koch HK416F


    Photo Of The Day, with ceremonial pictures from the French 35e régiment d’Infanterie as the unit changes command. Pictures of French soldiers with the old FAMAS rifles are getting rare as it’s being replaced by the Heckler & Koch HK416F, which was selected in 2016. The first batch of 400 rifles was delivered in 2017, and the order will not be fulfilled until 2028. 

    The story of the 35:e Régiment d’Infanterie can be found below (auto-translated from French)

    Created in 1604 under the name of Aquitaine, the 35th Infantry Regiment is one of the oldest regiments in the French army. From its creation to the present day, it has participated in all the campaigns of the monarchy, the empire and the republic. He distinguished himself on numerous battlefields, as evidenced by the ten victories inscribed in the folds of his flag and the eight citations.

    Today, the 35th Infantry Regiment is made up of 7 companies: the command and logistics company, the lighting and support company, 4 combat companies and a reserve company.

    The 35th Infantry Regiment is the only infantry regiment in France to master the triad of infantry: the VBCI (armored infantry fighting vehicle), the FELIN system (Infantryman with integrated equipment and links) and the NEB (digitization of the battle space). The 35th Infantry Regiment is therefore the most modern infantry regiment in France.


    Since 2008, the regiment has been equipped with the armored infantry fighting vehicle, the VBCI. This vehicle, more modern, faster and with better shooting capabilities day and night equips the companies of the regiment.

    In September 2011, the regiment received new equipment for combatants: the Feline system for Infantryman with integrated equipment and links (FELIN). The materials used by the combatants make it possible to increase the capacities of protection, aggression, observation and communication.

    The regiment was projected at the end of 2012 in Afghanistan and was able to implement all of these materials, which have proven their effectiveness in a difficult theater.

    Today the regiment recruits 160 Volunteer Enlisted per year: it includes 1050 men and women, including 260 executives and 790 engaged volunteers of the army, as well as 20 civilian personnel.