Hooked on Modularity: NEW Strike Gear Hook Adapter

    Hook Adapter

    Gun parts from big-name companies can get expensive just because of the name on the package. Soft goods, like plate carriers and pouches, can have the same problem. Strike Industries has been a favorite among people who want quality gun parts for prices that are reasonable. Now, thanks to their Strike Gear line, shooters have a growing catalog of quality soft goods at reasonable prices. The newest addition to the line is the Strike Gear Hook Adapter.

    Strike Industries @ TFB:

    Hook Adapter

    Adding to the Strike Gear® line of soft goods designed to help you organize, the Strike Gear® Hook Adapter helps connect the Boogeyman Chest Rig Bag with loop backing to most loop side plate carrier front panels. This adapter has double-sided hook surfaces so you can connect two loop sides securely together. Also connect other soft goods with loop sides, pouches, holsters, and more. Help connect your Boogeyman Chest Rig Bag or any other soft goods/gear. Available in hook side black on both sides.

    The NEW Strike Industries Strike Gear Hook Adapter

    Hook Adapter

    The Strike Gear Hook Adapter has hook on both sides. This allows users to attach two items that have loop panels. More specifically, this works with the Strike Boogeyman Chest Rig Bag. Adding the Hook Adapter to the Boogeyman makes it possible to connect it to loop panels on the front of your preferred plate carrier. The Boogeyman then becomes an easy-to-access, modular admin pouch, mag carrier, or whatever you need it to be.

    Hook Adapter

    • Length: 6.00″
    • Width: 4.38″
    • Weight: 0.60 oz
    • MSRP: $12.95

    Hook Adapter

    The Strike Gear line of accessories is ever-expanding. Make sure you head to the Strike Industries website to see all of the options and possible configurations. They are very active on social media and even give sneak peeks at times. Make sure you follow them on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to keep up.

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