POTD: Kalashnikovs and Fire

    Kalashnikovs and Fire

    The first permanent photograph was a contact-exposed copy of an engraving and was made in 1822. Advances in digital photography combined with the Internet have made it possible for us to enjoy huge amounts of photographs. Some good, some not as good. In TFB’s Photo Of The Day, we do our best to select the best images out there, with a focus on firearms. Today we’re going to have some fun with Russian Kalashnikovs and Fire.

    Caption, computer translated from Russian:

    Photo report The scouts of the Kantemirovskaya tank division of the Western Military District overcame the fire-assault zone.

    If you start freezing this is a solution guaranteed to keep you a little bit warmer.

    Photo credits: Russian Ministry of Defense 

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    How do you keep warm in the winter?