Rock Island Armory Introduces The STK100 Striker-Fired Pistol

    Introducing the Rock Island Armory STK100 Striker-Fired Pistol

    Rock Island Armory (RIA) has just unveiled their first striker-fired pistol – the STK100. The STK100 features a 17 round standard magazine capacity, aluminum grip, and 1911 style grip angle. The STK100 will be launching officially on June 17th at 10am Mountain time and you can register for the live presentation and Q&A session via the Armscor/RIA website. The new STK100 should have an MSRP right around $599 and will be manufactured by Rock Island Armory in the Philippines.

    Armscor @ TFB:

    Rock Island Armory Introduces The STK100 Striker-Fired Pistol

    Striker-fired pistol fans, rejoice. The STK100 boasts an aluminum grip that adds just enough weight to reduce felt recoil while still being comfortable to carry all day. This 9MM 17-round gem has a textured grip angled like a 1911 grip to give you greater control. With a patent-pending frame designed for durability, It has all the advantages of metal for the price of a polymer.

    STK100 Features and Specifications:

    • Calibers Offered: 9mm
    • Weight UnloadeD: 1.8 lbs
    • Overall Length: 7.91-inches
    • Overall Width: 1.25-inches
    • Overall Height: 5.16-inches
    • Barrel Length: 4.5-inches
    • Slide and Barrel Finish: Parkerized
    • Grips: Aluminum
    • Trigger Pull: 3lbs-7lbs

    The keen-eyed among you may have already spotted some similarities to some other striker-fired pistols on the market, however, with the aluminum grip coming standard and for a price of just $599, I think the RIA STK100 has a lot to offer right out of the box. The pistol features a carbon steel extended slide rail, an extended beavertail and comes standard with an optic ready slide complete with lightning cuts and front slide serrations – all features we’ve come to expect in the 9mm striker-fired pistol market.

    I will be looking forward to the presentation by Armscor President & CEO Martin Tuason as I have a few niggling questions about the new STK100 pistol. First of all, I’m curious as to what it means about a 3-7lb trigger pull. Nowhere in the release documentation did it mention anything about an adjustable trigger so I’m either going to assume that this is a variance in manufacturing or perhaps they really did include an adjustable trigger right out of the box. Hopefully, this should be compatible with already existing Glock 17 components currently on the market as this would make adoption and adaptation a lot easier for those wanting to go with the STK100 pistol.

    Introducing the Rock Island Armory STK100 Striker-Fired Pistol

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