POTD: Firearms Training with the U.S. Navy

    U.S. Navy

    Do you have a hard time finding a safe and secure place to shoot? Some own a ranch and build their own, some visit the shooting range and some join the U.S. Navy where the sea eventually serves as your backstop. In our Photo Of The Day, we have U.S. Coast Guards from the Law Enforcement Detachment 104 conducting firearms training on the deck of the USS Charleston (LCS-18), a modern littoral combat ship. Judging from the photos, the unit looks well equipped.

    Hard at work on the high seas, it’s what we do. Members of the U.S. Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment 104 conduct firearms training aboard U.S. Navy‘s USS Charleston (LCS 18), as part of the Oceania Maritime Security Initiative (OMSI) providing an AdvantageAtSea.
    All photos by the U.S. Navy.
    What’s the best and the worst backstop you have ever seen? Looking forward to reading the comments more than ever.