POTD: B&T H&K MP7 Suppressors

    B&T MP7 suppressors

    Recently the Nephi City (Utah) Police Department selected B&T USA to provide them Heckler & Koch MP7 suppressors. That’s the topic for our Photo Of The Day, and you have most likely already identified the Aimpoint Micro red dot with magnifier already.

    Unlike the MP7, the B&T suppressor would be commercially available as the B&T Rotex-II SMG/PDW suppressor if you care to apply for one. Here you can see it configured for the 4.6mmx30 caliber ammunition, but since the ammunition is unique to the H&K MP7, I’m not sure how much use you would have with it? Regardless the picture is certainly worth sharing, as it’s probably the pinnacle of submachine guns at the moment.

    B&T MP7 suppressors

    B&T USA is the subsidiary of B&T AG Switzerland and was founded in 1991 as a designer and manufacturer of the industry’s most advanced suppressors. B&T weapons systems are used by police, special forces, and elite military units around the world. They also make some excellent firearms for civilians.

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