POTD: M27 IAR – Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force

Eric B
by Eric B
POTD: M27 IAR – Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force

Our Photo Of The Day takes place at an undisclosed location, which I’m sure makes people even more curious. Above we see a U.S. Marine with the 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines, who is assigned to the Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force – Crisis Response – Central Command. He’s participating in a combat marksmanship range in the United States Central Command Area of Operations. Note the tourniquet and the scissors in the plate carrier.

The suppressed M27 IAR (Infantry Automatic Rifle) at work, with the ACOG Squad Day Optic. Which optic would you prefer?

The SPMAGTF-CR-CC is a crisis response force, prepared to deploy a variety of capabilities across the region.

Credits for the photos and captions go to the U.S. Marine Corps, Gunnery Sgt. Melissa Marnell.

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Eric B
Eric B

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