Mischief Machine Flashlight Mounts for your EDC Flashlight

    Mischief Machine Flashlight Mounts for your EDC Flashlight

    Most of you probably own a pocket EDC flashlight for various tasks. If you’re not carrying a small flashlight around that isn’t attached to your phone, you probably should. I find them to be quite useful and on par with carrying a pocket knife every day. Mischief Machine is a PA-based company that specializes in some pretty unique CNC machined accessories. One item I just learned about is their Billet Aluminum Flashlight mounts. These mounts convert your EDC flashlight into a rail-mounted one so you don’t need to spend hundreds on a dedicated weapon-mounted light.

    Weapon Mounted Lights @ TFB:

    Mischief Machine Flashlight Mounts for your EDC Flashlight

    Mischief Machine Flashlight Mounts for your EDC Flashlight

    We have expanded our Aluminum flashlight mounts to include two large edc size Streamlight Flashlights.

    Some of you are probably wondering why I’m making so many light mounts for EDC lights when they all make Rail Mounted ones right from the factory.

    And the answer to that is pretty simple, I have purchased a few rail mounted light mounts from a few large name brands, Surefire and Streamlight, and I was soon disappointed to see only 2 months later they would release a new model with 30,000 more lumens than the one I just purchased. . . . ( sarcasm for dramatic effect )

    So I started buying EDC type lights that I could simply swap out of a universal style mount. And a few other companies make tail caps and pressure switches for some of these already as well, Hence, the reason I started making mounts for myself and now for our customers!

    One model fits the Polytac X / Polytac USB / Polytac flashlights that measure 1 inch in diameter.

    The second one, pictured below, fits the Streamlight HL-X.

    This will probably wrap up the light mounts for now, and we will try to think up something else to make.

    Mischief Machine Flashlight Mounts for your EDC Flashlight

    I’m not made of money and I find these EDC flashlight mounts to be pretty neat and affordable. I carry one of Streamlight’s Microstream USB lights as my EDC flashlight and might consider picking up one of these mounts to see how it works out in comparison with a standard weapon-mounted flashlight. If flashlights aren’t your thing, Mischief Machine also makes and sells various AR-15 accessories and custom throw levers for your scopes. Most of the mounts are around the $50 mark depending on the size and style.

    Mischief Machine Flashlight Mounts for your EDC Flashlight

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